Monday, February 14, 2011

Finn is 8!!

Finn turned 8 on Saturday and I am as shocked as everyone else. We had rain on Saturday, so it was a pretty low key birthday. We did have some visitors at the farm and my dad saddled up the horses, so Finn demonstrated his backwards horse riding skills (see below). He says, he only got clothes! But I know for a fact that there was a soccer ball, a back back and a huge lego set. We asked Finn before Christmas if he would consider $100 instead of having a birthday party and he JUMPED at the money. I just know what a pain winter parties are too plan and our house is just too small to have a crowd of 8 year olds bouncing off the walls. There is always the option of a pool or soccer party, but those would cost more than $100 and require planning.

Then I made a comment that I wish we could afford to go do something fun for his birthday, like go to Great Wolf Lodge (after I knew they had their rates on sale) and he offered me the $100 back to put towards a family getaway, in celebration of his birthday of course. Because I am not a crowd person, and the lodge is an indoor water park, involving bathing suits and his birthday fall right near Presidents day, we scheduled it for a weekday get away. All the boys are excited as it's rapidly approaching.
Quincy is recovering...It's been a week and every day he has said at least once, that he wants his tonsils back. His pain is intense and the liquid tylenol with codeine is disgusting. He missed school today and had probably the worst day so far. He got out and rode his bike, just for a short time the day after surgery, and has ridden every day since, except today. Here he is napping, looking so innocent a few days ago. The doctor talked to us after his surgery and said both the tonsils and adenoids were huge and really needed to be removed. I'm glad we made the decision to do it now, not later.


  1. My Waylon's birthday is the week before Christmas so I bribed my way out of a birthday party for him too. He really wanted a DS so I told him that if we didn't have to spend money on a party we could afford to buy him one. He took the bate and it was the best birthday ever. No frills, no fuss--awesome! Happy birthday to Finn and I'm glad Quincy is recovering well. He looks so sweet in that picture.

  2. Wow! Finn has some major skills! I'm so sorry about Quincy and his slow recovery from his tonsil surgery. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. Great idea to go on a family trip for Finn's birthday!