Monday, December 13, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

Hard to believe it's almost Christmas. When things in my life get "tough" I clam up and don't post much. It's been a tough few months! But, I'll try to be better about posting, if my kids cooperate.
Speaking of not cooperating, we were having a very difficult time with the oldest. Love the kid to death, but he's like every other first born and trying to parent his brothers. On top of being bossy, he's quick to anger and the instigator in most of the problems around the house. So, we took advantage of the season and stole the tradition of the Elf on the Shelf. Santa had the elf delivered to the door with a personal letter to the boys after I called him begging for help. Here's Finn reading the letter. Since Waldorfs (our elfs name) arrival, Finn has been trying to be kinder and less bossy, and he is thrilled when Waldorf brings back letters from Santa.

Last week, we had a short visit with Sol and Sabine. It was very last minute, but my parents arranged for some family photos...that's my parents in costume. Pictures had to be Tuesday afternoon, and afternoons aren't good for my kids, but we pressed on. Pictures didn't turn out very well, but we had a good time with lots of laughs.The twins went to their 4 year old check ups, Finally! I got it right this year and took them on seperate days. 2 screaming kids in one exam room just doesn't work for me, especially when one needs to be held down for shots and the other needs to be cuddled after getting his. Paxton went first and had a little accident, and had to remove his underwear...and I couldn't resist.
He did great, even talked to the Dr a little, whereas Quincy wouldn't cooperate at all and made me carry him to the car because his legs hurt so bad!Alvin picked out our tree this year, because it was easier than all of us trekking out to argue which tree to get. He and the kids did the decorating! I'm a fan of white lights and the boys ALL like colored, so we compromised with colored twinkling lights at the trunk and white all around. This arrangement won't work next year because Finn thinks it's boring...along with all my non kid friendly ornaments. Good thing Dad bought "fun" ornaments because more ornaments were broken in decorating this year than all other years combined.And today, our little friend Waldorf found his seat in the tree. It's a good place to see the entire family area and take all the things he learns back to Santa!


  1. Love this post, E! Kids are funny, right? ;)
    Your tree looks great.
    I have my parents elf from when we were kids. I lucked out and got it before my sister! HA! I saw them at Hallmark and called mum right away . . . it's great fun to use the elf.
    Love ya!

  2. That pic of Paxton made me CRACK UP LAUGHING!!!