Saturday, September 4, 2010

FInn's in Second greade!

On Wednesday, Finn started Second grade. He was a little nervous, because he knew nothing about his teacher, but after a visit to the classroom the day before school, he seemed more excited (finding out which of his friends were in class with him helped) .
Coming home from his 3rd day of school, his bus was early so he walked home from the bus himself. Finn hung up his backpack, put his shoes up on the shoe shelf and showered me with love and affection. I asked him where "my" Finn was! He explained that his teacher had talked to the class...and in his own words...
"everybody has an invisible bucket above their head, and it's filled with happiness and love. And whenever someone is mean to you, they dip from your bucket. And when ever they dip into your bucket, you get sadder and angrier. and the way you can fill a bucket is to be nice to them. If they get a smile, you are filling their bucket. And when your bucket is empty, you are really really really angry and sad. " Then he said to me, "I'm doing nice ."things to fill your bucket, because I empty it a lot. And today he is asking if he can help with chores, to fill my bucket. I just want to kiss his teacher today and I hope she reminds them about these buckets often!
Today is Saturday and I think I just heard him say, "I wish today was a school day."
I intend to blog about our trip to Colorado, our great bike ride and trip to the fair/rodeo, but first I must get our house in order, get most of the kids in school, get caught up on laundry or at east want to get away from those tasks long enough to sort through photos and take time to type it all out.


  1. Lucky! Forget math & writing - I'd much rather have my kids' teachers teach them stuff like that! :-)

  2. Sounds like Finn will have a great year!