Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bee Stings and Stitches again!

Yesterday started okay, but didn't stay that way for long. I woke the kids up and Finn proceeded to get dressed, but Quincy sat on the couch, refusing milk (unusual for the kid who drinks milk 5 times a day). A little while later he complained that he had to throw up, but didn't. I left to take Finn to the bus and went on my walk (trying to go get some ME time before anyone notices I am missing). When I returned, Alvin informed me that Quincy needed to go to the doctor because he was feverish and his hand was the significantly swollen.
Let me break for a minute and tell you what I haven't blogged about. In Denver, Alvin was digging a trench and dug into a wasp nest (underground) and was stung multiple times...like 25! Finn got stung too. A few days later, while working in the same area, he was stung a few times again. When we returned, he was working at my parents and disturbed a yellowjacket nest (under some plants and he didn't know about it) and was stung again, multiple times. The boys got a few stings here and there, but nothing major. Then Alvin was helping my dad with his honey bees and insisting that he was going to get stung (should have thought positively) and sure enough, he got stung on the forearm. The next day his arm was throbbing and swollen and a trip to the Doctor means Alvin now has a bee allergy. Saturday, I was inside canning and my parents and Alvin were out working on our yard when my mom moved some branches and found ANOTHER yellow jacket nest. Paxton and Quincy were both stung at least 5 times.
Back to my story...

Quincy had been stung on the hand and that was the cause of the swelling, but another sting on his stomach was swollen and feverish. I decided early that morning, that I needed to switch pediatricians. I love our doctor, but a 30 minutes drive was more than I could handle and would likely mean missing school, but I had baked cookies to celebrate Quincys birthday and HE WAS NOT GOING TO MISS SCHOOL. Luckily there is a branch of the clinic locally and they could get us in by 9:15. Ah, my day is going back to easy!

Dr. tells me that it's just an infection and infections in the hand spread very quickly and he needs benedryl and antibiotics. We rush to the pharmacy and that script isn't ready. Pick up a few groceries and it still isn't ready, so Quincy picks out a balloon because he was so good at the doctor, but school is going to start. I go home, make the boys lunch and the 3 of us go to Quincys school. After lunch and celebrating with cookies, Pax and I left and went to get stuff for dinner and Quincy's medicine. Come home, get Quincy off the bus and I hear Quincy telling Paxton that the doctor is really nice and if you go see him, you can get a pirate balloon. Finn gets home a few minutes later and I laid down on my bed while talking to my mom and telling her how exhausting my day had been...when Finn starts yelling! Paxton has hit his head on the corner of the kitchen counter. It's bleeding like head wounds do, but when I looked at it, I had to call my mom back and ask her to come over. We conclude that although the bleeding has stopped, he is going to need stitches. We did wait an hour and 45 minutes, because the local doctors office couldn't squeeze us in for ANOTHER appointment and their urgent care opened at 5:00 (local people, did you know there is an urgent care here now?--opened last week). The doctor confirmed the worst, that we had no other option, since you could see the skull and Pax was terrified. He was a trooper, played on my phone and only cried during the anesthetic shots. By 7:00 we left with 5 stitches and Paxton was the very first person to use the brand new procedure room there!

And it was only after we got the kids in bed, that I realized I had 3 kids coming over in the morning for the twins "birthday party"/ normal tuesday playdate with balloons. Fortunately, today was much better and I haven't had to take anyone to the doctor...YET! Although Finn suggested that I take him in because he had a stuffed up nose and he really wanted a pirate balloon.

Friday, September 17, 2010

They are 4!

Hard to believe it was 4 years ago that our family went from 3 to 5 in just a few minutes. Paxton's first photo!
Quincy's first Photo!
Our first family picture
Today, we celebrated with dinner of Pesto (aka pesto the besto--the boys favorite) homemade bread and spinach dip. Both boys wanted a different kind of cake...strawberry cake for Paxton and applesauce cupcakes for Quincy. The boys have various gifts, but both really wanted a pillow pet! And they will soon be nestled in bed, Paxton with his penguin and Quincy with his lion. Mimi and I took the boys a few weeks ago to one of those paint your own pottery, to make banks for the boys and the results were fantastic. Here are the most recent pictures of the boys, painting their banks!
Paxton painting his birthday gift from Mimi and Bubba
Quincy working on his birthday gift from Mimi and Bubba!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I knew we had owls here, I just didn't know they were big ones. Last night, when we got home from dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant this guy was sitting on our swingset. Our camera isn't working well, so these are from my i-phone. The "guy" let me get within 10 feet of him, and then I backed away. Anyone know what kind of owl it is?

FInn's in Second greade!

On Wednesday, Finn started Second grade. He was a little nervous, because he knew nothing about his teacher, but after a visit to the classroom the day before school, he seemed more excited (finding out which of his friends were in class with him helped) .
Coming home from his 3rd day of school, his bus was early so he walked home from the bus himself. Finn hung up his backpack, put his shoes up on the shoe shelf and showered me with love and affection. I asked him where "my" Finn was! He explained that his teacher had talked to the class...and in his own words...
"everybody has an invisible bucket above their head, and it's filled with happiness and love. And whenever someone is mean to you, they dip from your bucket. And when ever they dip into your bucket, you get sadder and angrier. and the way you can fill a bucket is to be nice to them. If they get a smile, you are filling their bucket. And when your bucket is empty, you are really really really angry and sad. " Then he said to me, "I'm doing nice ."things to fill your bucket, because I empty it a lot. And today he is asking if he can help with chores, to fill my bucket. I just want to kiss his teacher today and I hope she reminds them about these buckets often!
Today is Saturday and I think I just heard him say, "I wish today was a school day."
I intend to blog about our trip to Colorado, our great bike ride and trip to the fair/rodeo, but first I must get our house in order, get most of the kids in school, get caught up on laundry or at east want to get away from those tasks long enough to sort through photos and take time to type it all out.