Sunday, July 11, 2010

200th post!

Sadly, I have been terrible about posting...I tried to upload a video of Finns school concert, where he did sign language to "what a wonderful world," and it wouldn't work. I wanted Alvin's mom to see how serious Finn was, and...well I got bummed out and haven't posted since.

For the 4th of July we actually headed downtown for more than the parade...normally, we skip all the extra stuff, but this year, Finn's teacher was reading stories in a tent and Finn wanted to see they are together. Last night, and the night before, both Paxton and Quincy wet their beds...yeah, that's 4 sheets to wash! SO tonight as I was remaking their beds, Quincy saw a baby blanket that he really wanted to use, Finn wanted one too, and since my friend Sarah gave all the boys blankets for their births, they each went to sleep with their blankets.
Sarah also gave us the crib sheets that are on the boys beds...I'd say these were great gifts!

Finn's toes might get cold, but he's really happy!
For Fathers day, I gave Alvin a GPS so we could go geocaching! It has been a huge hit and so far I have been to many places I haven't been to in all the times I have lived here. Today, we hit the North Kitsap Heritage Park and hiked several miles, all under the guise of looking for caches. We are headed to Oregon next weekend, and then headed to Denver and have already looked at caches in both areas!