Thursday, May 13, 2010

More on Mothers Day

I was showered with lots of "gifts" from my boys for Mothers day and here are a sampling of some!
Here's Fith with a "cake" all made of Legos! And it says MOM on the top. And Finn made some things in art class: a basket and a clay pocket for flowers (it hangs on the wall)
Quincy made me a lego creation too! ANd some art work from school. Pax did too, but I don't have any pictures of him.
And here's Quincy and I on the beach looking for glass. Alvin got me a trailer hitch and had it put on the car (I just can't call it a mini van, even though it is!). Our goal is to find a bike rack to go on it, second hand! But by far the greatest gift was...this!
Okay, not a shower, or a shower head, but Alvin replaced the bath spout and now our shower sends all the water on my head and shoulders with decent pressure. The old spout was broken and sprayed water all over your legs and feet, and home depot doesn't sell a replacement. I got to take a long shower and it was magnificent!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

Since I last posted, Quincy has quit riding his bike and favors riding behind me on the trail-a-bike. Which is great, when I am riding, but not great for the other times. We took a bike ride from our house to a local beach about a month ago, 5.4 miles each way and Quincy talked to me the whole time and occasionally provided me with "rocket power" when I needed it, and sometimes when I didn't. The following week, we went for a trail ride and I am almost convinced that he sat back there and let me do all the work.

Paxton doesn't have a need to ride a bike and is happy to ride his "no-pedal" bike. We tried him on the trail-a-bike, but he was scared and wants to ride in the trailer behind daddy. He's so cute back there, encouraging us, laughing and egging us on.

Finn was thrilled to ride on the road for that 10+mile ride. We don't let him on the road normally, but we did with 4 adults and I don't think we can reel him back to the trail-a-bike.

Our family has been plagued by a cough for the past week and now Quincy and Finn have it, and had to miss school today, probably tomorrow too! Because of that, we opted to celebrate Mothers Day very casually. Alvin made me breakfast (with mimosas!) and we took the kids to hunt for beach glass at Glass Beach. While we were gone, we left all the windows of the house open, in hopes of blowing all the crud out, but instead I think it let in allergens and Alvin is suffering now.

Because I like to post pictures, the one at the top was a while ago, after a bath with teir cousin Emily. The other is the boys coloring in their new Hawaii shirts, compliments of Cousins Sol and Sabine.