Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fearless Quincy

If you are a facebook friend, you probably alrady saw little 3 1/2 year old is almost ready for a realy bike, with out training wheels. They sell bikes with no pedals to help kids learn the principals of balance, but I just can't afford $100 for a bike ($200 if I buy for both boys) they will only use for a short time, and I can't find any used. But I really wanted one after watching a video on You Tube.

So I made my own. My mom bought this little bike for Finn when he was 2 and it never worked right. He rode it, as did the twins, but the chain would lock up every few pedals. So I took off the training wheels, the pedals and the chain, pumped a tire, replaced an inner tube and bought new grips and we were good to go.

We are trying to get Paxton to ride it as well, and after today, I think you might see video of him soon!


  1. After watching that 2nd video, I think you need to rename this post "Fearless Cat!" I thought for sure he was going to ride right over the top of her.

  2. They are such big boys! Fearless too! Rylan still doesn't know how to ride a bike. We are near horrible roads. I need to start taking him to Battlepoint!

  3. You are so smart! I never thought of taking the chain and pedals off! That's how Ben learned to ride, too, but he just had to hold his legs out.