Thursday, April 8, 2010

Best thing I've ever done for myself!

Last night, I went to bed early...10:15 is early for me and it was a great idea. However, one child woke at 11:15 whining, usually a sign that he has to go to the bathroom. I got up with him, then he woke again at 3am and came in my bed and I didn't stop him. I wish I would have because he proceded to wake me ever few minutes by cuddling up to me, kicking or touching me. Then another child woke up at 6:15 and had to come tell me he was awake...why do they do this. I had to get up with him to turn the tv to an appropriate channel and turn the volume down. 20 minutes later he came in to tell me he wanted milk. When I finally got up at 6:45, I walked to the kitchen sink and took 4 advil to combat the massive headache I had.

How do people go with out sleep? I did it for years, and quite frankly, it was a mistake. I think sleep deprivation is partly to blame for my weight issues, because you lack good judgement (what you eat and when can be bad judgement). You think the kids are to blame for the sleep deprivation, don't you? Well, they are partly to blame too!

But this is what I blame...

Okay, you can't really see it, but it's carpal tunnel. I had it for years, but it got worse with pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Finn, I wasn't able to eat with a fork for more than a few bites, with out having to put my hands down and let feeling come back to my fingers (maybe that is why I gained minimal weight with both pregnancies). I tried everything...used to wear a magnetic bracelet, which helped. I had many massages, that left me crying in pain, but ultimately helped for a few weeks. I used to dip my arms in pans of water with tons of ice for 30 seconds at a time (harder than it sounds) and I still wore wrist splints to bed almost every single night. And even then, I would wake with numb fingers, hands or arms.

When the twins were born, I was getting up to feed them every 90 minutes (that's a whole other post) and during my 90 minnutes of sleep, I was waking every 15-20 minutes to roll over and move my arms. And if you knew me then, you might now understand why I couldn't connect words to make a sentence.

Alvin and I decided that it was time to solve the problem. I'm one of those people who like to try alternative medicine and think they have something to offer, but I believe that Western Medicine has great benefits. I had nerve testing done and discovered that my carpal tunnel was moderately severe in one hand and really severe in my other. I had surgery when the twins were 9 months old, first on my right hand (deciding that if it was too hard, I wouldn't do the other, but at least the hand I use for everything, was fixed) and 3 months later on the left.

And since the first night post surgery, I have not woken up because of pain in my hands. Enlarge that might see a scar, but I had to look at the picture and then look at my hand to find it.

There isn't really a point to my post, except I think I learned not to wait until things got so bad to fix a problem. I wonder how I would have been changed if I had the surgery before I had kids: would I have been a different kind of mother? Would my kids be happier because I was happier with them during those night feedings?

And if you suffer from carpal tunnel (I see tons of people around town with their wrists in braces and I tell them the same thing), go see Dr. Buckmiller in Seattle. Tell him a satisfied customer sent you!

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  1. I kept expecting you to end this post with something like: "So I decided to get rid of my kids, since they are causing my sleep deprivation."