Friday, March 26, 2010

Food Revolution!

Got my computer back just a few hours ago and it's wonderful to be sitting in the center of the house and using it. I'd been using Alvins for a week and while it's nice and fast, it is stuck in a room and not nearly as convenient as mine. This was a lesson to me and I am going to be certain to back up my pictures onto an external hard drive more often (especially since it's always plugged into my computer). Luckily, the only problem was a fried power supply, but it could have been much, much worse!

Tonight, because it's the first night of spring break, I allowed the boys to stay up until 10 (helped that Q had a 3 hour nap this afternoon) and then allwed them to sleep on the floor in Finn's room. However, tonight was the premier of Jamie Olivers Food Revolution on TV and I really wanted to watch it. Lately, Finn has begged to buy lunch at school and I wanted him to watch it too, and so I let the twins watch as well.

Let me just say, I'm totally opposed to Finn buying school lunch, because even thought they always offer salad, the majority of the offerings are processed...and if you read me regularly, you know I am trying to get away from processed (but I will admit, sometimes it tastes good!) Every morning, I wake and make Finn a lunch. Sometimes he gets chips and cookies, but I still feel good about what he is eating.

So Jamie (we're on a first name basis now) goes into this elementary school and tries to change eating habits of kids...and he is met with adults who are totally opposed to change and don't want to even try to help "our" children, mostly because it means more work for them! At one point, he goes into a first grade class room and asks the students to name the vegetables he is holding up. Not one of them knew what a tomato was (And my kids, age 3, are hollering out the right answers, making their mama proud!)!

Sadly, the lunch ladies were opposed to having a meal that required a knife and fork...and it was pointed out to school staff that they were in the business of teaching children, but they weren't willing to teach them to eat using utensils. Because of that, teachers and principals walked among students to assist and kids ate a healthier lunch. Interesting, more attention, better eating habits! Isn't that why our family eats dinner together!

Anyway, I applaud Jamie, the show, the producers for trying to make Americans healthier. I hope that others are inspired to start a revolution of their own. As for me, we'll be eating even less processed foods, less HFCS, less MSG, less canola oil and healthier portions! And I might even go eat with my kids at school more often!

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  1. I backed up my pictures after I read about your scare. Glad all turned out well for you. I pack my kids a lunch every morning too. Some days it's a pain, but I know if I get started down the school lunch road it will be too hard to stop. The convenience of it would be way too tempting.