Thursday, March 18, 2010

Been a While

So in the time I didn't update my blog, a lot has happened. And I would love to post pictures, knew there was a but, right? A power outage 2 days ago took out my computer. It's hopefully just a power issue and not the hard drive, so I am trying to stay calm...all the boys pictures are on there and not backed up.

Finn celebrated his 7th birthday, the day we returned from Saint Thomas. His mimi got him a remote control hummer that he LOVES. Alvin and I bought him this toy that he saw on a commercial and HAD to have...he's pleased with it, but it isn't something he can really use around his brothers.

Alvin and I had an argument (I probably started it) and I told him he needed to have more passion in his life. This got him motivated (I think) to start work on the garage. In just a few weeks, he has redone the power to the garage and he can now use the tools that have been gathering rust for 4 years. If you don't know what he is capable of building yet, you will be surprised. He is so talented and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms just doesn't show his skill. I doubt that will pay the bills, but at least he can continue to do remodels. He discovered this week that the entire back wall of the garage has to be rebuilt because it's rotten and hopefully that will be an easy task and he can add some windows to make it less dreary.

This weekend we got the garden ready and I planted peas before St. Patricks day. In utah, we were alwasys told to plant peas then, but I have been told to do it about Presidents day here...oops.

While Paxton and I were planting peas, because the power had gone out and we had nothing else to do, my cell phone rang. It's unusual that I would have my cell phone in my pocket, but I was glad I did. It was Quincy's school. The power was also out there, but while he was on the playground, he had a fall. He hit his head on the pole that holds up the monkey bars and was sporting a goose egg and because of it, they didn't want to send him home on the bus. I rushed to the school, a trip that normally takes less than 10 minutes, but it took more than 20 because of the trees that had knocked out the power. And of course, now school was out and I had to try to find a place to park in the chaos of parents picking up their kids (Come on people...let them ride the bus!). His teacher said she had never seen a bump develop so quickly and she was very worried because of it...I confessed to her on the phone when she called the next morning that he already had a bump there from a previous injury and there was just a little swelling on top. We asked Q what happened and he said he was trying to go across on the monkey bars and let go when he realized he wasn't going to make it. I would have been surprised if Paxton did that, but not Quincy.

Quincy is loving school. Well, he despises the bus, but I think he's a bit afraid of the bus driver. He says he had a good day at school every day and likes talking about his friends there.

Paxton loves speech therapy, but I felt like that wasn't enough and enrolled him in swimming. We have a lot of water around the farm and swimming is a skill I think our kids have to have. Paxton disagrees and after 2 weeks of swimming, refused to get in the pool and would not let the teacher touch him. I finally pulled him out because it wasn't worth the effort I was putting into it. However, I am going to try to get him to go swimming with me when Quincy is in school 2 days a week. BUT his speech has drastically improved and he likes to tell you that babies say things, but he can say it not like a baby anymore.

Sun has finally started making appearances in our days. HOORAY! It's beautiful out there, but COLD today. But I threw the arguing kids out there and suppose I should go check on them.


  1. Curious - do you plant pea seeds, or starts? I'm such a novice gardener, so sorry if I ask a stupid question.

  2. Pea seeds. Soak them in water first overnight and stick them in the ground.