Sunday, February 7, 2010

St. Thomas

Can't seem to get the pictures in order, so bear with me.

Paxton, Quincy & Finn,

We arrived in St. Thomas and WOW, it is beautiful here. Eighty degrees and about 81 degree water. The resort we are staying at has several iguanas living here, not really as guests, but they are always around. We took this picture so you could see what an iguana looks like.
This is the resort...Our room is right on the beach and you can hear the waves all night long.

We arrived at the resort at 9am, much earlier than check in, but they let us get our room and then we spent the day snorkeling and re-learning to scuba dive. Here's dad at the surface in the bay.
We rode from Puerto Rico to St, Thomas on this little tiny plane. The runway here is right next to the ocean. This is what I saw when we were going down for the landing.
Dad said he really wanted to see a turtle and we saw one while snorkeling...and that is really rare according to the dive shop. It was eating grass about 30 feet away from the shore.

And just a few minutes later we saw this eagle ray: It was probably 8 feet long from the nose to the end of his tail.
Today, we went out on the dive boat and did 2 scuba dives. We saw some parrot fish, trumpet fish, sea pearls, Pederson shrimp, spotted eel, and tons of other fish. We are going to go again tomorrow morning and Tuesday night.
We are having a fantastic time. Amy says hello and sends kisses. We miss you and love you lots! Hope you are haing a great time with Bubba and Jacob. We will see you in a fae days. Please be good.
Love Mommy!


  1. Awesome!! That looks like absolute Paradise. Thanks for posting the pictures. I'll have to live vicariously through you this winter.

  2. Well, now I'm jealous (except for the plane part--YIKES!)! It looks fabulous there. Glad you're having a good time.

  3. What a sweet letter to your kiddos. Great pictures!