Monday, February 15, 2010

St. Thomas Recap

Had a great time and nothing more needs to be said, but since this is like my journal, here's how the trip went.

Friday, left the kids with Brooke and headed for the airport at 10:30am. Arrived in Houston in time for dinner (their time) and was there unil midnight. Flew into Puerto Rico, and was there as the sun rose and we waited for a few more hours. All these delays were because we were trying to escape the snow in the east, but it was a little long. We finally arrived at the resort in St. Thomas at 9:00am Saturday, and they were surprised that we wanted to check in so early! We actually ate, then checked in, showered and hit the beach. Amy and Bob got back from their dive in time to have lunch with us and we kicked around (snorkled) until our scuba refresher class that afternoon. For dinner I had my first one pound lobster tail and we had a little get together with all Amy's family that night before finally going to bed.
Sunday we woke in time for breakfast with all the other divers and headed out on the boat for our first dive in open water in 8+ years. It was as fantastic as I remembered, but I had some challenges with bouyancy. Alvin buddied with Bob and I with Amy and we saw some amazing things. I've been told you can see the same things snorkeling that you can diving, but that is not at all accurate! Amy loves looking at the little things and when you can't really communicate it's hard to understand what you are seeing. Amy had told me about Pederson shrimp that will give you a little manicure and she kept trying to get me to rest my hand down and wait for it to get down to business, but I just couldn't do it. Our room was being made up when we got back, so we went to lunch in our bathing suits (weird for me). We headed into town, thinking we could do some souvenier shopping, but the cruise ships were heading out and the vendors were closing shop. We returned in time for dinner, more lobster and super bowl party on the beach. Actually, I watched a few minutes of the game and went to put pictures on here for the boys and chat with Amy.
Monday, more diving! Amy brought her camera and let me take some pictures (can't seem to load them on here because they are TIFF files and can't change them to JPEG). On the boat, there are talk of eels, and how they have curved teeth that don't let go if they bite you. Down in the water, we see an eel and I'm up close trying to get a picture, but feeling too close and uneasy, when Alvin comes and grabs my leg. Well, Amy said he touched me, but I was so afraid of that little eel, that I screamed and jumped toward the eel. Nothing happened, but I was terrified. Can't recall the day activities, but we had dinner with 16 people that lasted forever and I ate Lobster, again!
Tuesday, was our day to sleep in and opted not to go diving. We went to breakfast and took out a kayak into the bay. We got called back by one of the resort guys, who I swear, was just looking for an excuse to go out on the jet ski! We went out for our first ever night dive...and it was fascinating. Keep in mind it's dark and the only lights come from our flashlights, so Amy points to something and all the sudden, I'm brave and I think, "I'll go for that shrimp mani now," and I put my hand down in front of what she is pointing at. She is an amazing friend...she smacks my hand away when she realizes what I am thinking, because that is an arrowhead crab (again, can't get pictures) that can apparently draw blood with it's sharp pointy claws! We saw the red eyes of shrimp, all kinds of fish and Bioluminescence (but you had to turn off your light for that -I was scared at first). We saw a few little sting rays which scared me, but as we were coming up to the surface, we saw 2 of these.

And this one was bigger than my dining room table! I couldn't get to a safe spot fast enough. When we got to the surface, it was pitch black with more stars visible in the sky than I'd ever imagined! Of course, there were 2 cruise ships lit up like cities floating off on the horizon so we could see where the water ended and the sky began. Back to shore, had a late dinner and that night I didn't have lobster.

Wednesday was Amy's big day. Alvin went out diving and I slept in again! Alvin said it was the best day of diving he had (so I missed out!). Instead, I got to have breakfast with my dear friend and her mother and grandmother. We then headed out on the water on an aqua trike for a little fun time before she had to start getting ready! I had lunch with Alvin and Bob while fetching lunch for Amy (service was pretty slow). I got ready and hung out with Amy while she finished getting ready. The wedding was on the beach and it was beautiful! After the wedding, the couple had rented the catamaran and took all the wedding guests out for a sunset cruise! It was amazing, but my camera batteries had died! (I'm waiting for Amy to return and compile everyone's pictures on a CD for me). We all had dinner at the beach bar, which was celebrating Carnival that night, and laughed as Amy, the good sport that she is, stood on a table and sang "Take me out to the Ball Game" in front of 200 plus guest that came for the Resorts Festivities!

Thursday, it came to an end, after breakfast and packing, we departed for the airport at 11am and prayed for snow in Newark the entire way to the airport. We finally arrived back home at midnight local time. And it took me 4 days to not feel jet lagged anymore!

It was a great trip and made better by good friends and new friends! Today, I spent the day looking for tropical family trips...not that we will be able to afford them for a few years!


  1. Your eel story was hilarious! I would have screamed out loud (can you scream while you're diving? Well, I probably would have just drowned right there.)

    Glad you had such a great trip!

  2. Erika this sounds amazing! What a nice break from the craziness of life! Glad you guys had a great time!

  3. You can scream in your regulator (part that goes in yout mouth), you can even throw up in it and it just goes out with pressure. Amy noticed that when I saw something neat, I would scream/squeal, but you can only hear it if you are close by!

  4. I've never experienced diving before, but it sounds amazing and now I really want to. Maybe when the money tree starts growing...