Thursday, February 4, 2010

St. Thomas Bound

Okay, I really am leaving! In fact I am leaving EARLY!

First, I have to question why I have had so many road blocks with this trip. I booked the trip in July, and in November, my mom scheduled a trip for the same weekend and I was stuck scrambling for a sitter. We finally patched together arrangements, with Grandpa, Uncles and friends and I was good to go again.

Then came finding a dress to wear to the wedding. Seriously, have you ever looked for a dress appropriate for a beach wedding in January? Finally found one online and when it arrived, IT FIT! It's a little June Cleaver/Lucille Ball like, but I really like it and it matches the super cute green shoes I bought before the dress.

Then came the snow! Well, not yet, but there's supposed to be a HUGE storm on the east coast, starting when we are en route to Newark. I asked people to pray, namely a priest in NJ, who suggested it might be easier to just call the airlines and ask to be rerouted. It worked, but I think the real kicker was when I told the woman on the phone who suggested I call and why (she laughed and laughed) and she gladly changed our flights, to one leaving earlier. No Problem.

Wait! Problem. BIG PROBLEM! Mimi's out of town, Bubba's working, and I have at least 2 kids that have nothing to do all day long. I kid you not, I called a bunch of people, starting at 5:pm and either people weren't home or were busy. I cried, then served dinner, made a few more calls, cried some get the idea. Finally, I called Brooke to see if her son was available...nope, but she was! I'm a boob...I cried. No, I really cried! I am so lucky! And I am detemined to go and have fun on this trip because I know my boys are in good hands (and I'd be perfectly fine if my little nail biter comes home with orange nails).

So all my good friends, farewell. AND Thank you Brooke for the huge favor!


  1. I think you should definitely focus more on all the things that have come together to allow you to go on this trip, rather than the roadblocks that have tried to stop it. You are going to have such a great time! And you totally deserve the break.

    Can't wait to see those Scuba pictures! Diving scares me to death, but I love the pictures.

  2. I want to see a picture of you in the dress. It sounds cute especially with the shoes. Must see please!
    Hope all goes well and have fun!