Thursday, February 4, 2010

School day #2

Quincy came home from school yesterday happy! And he was excited to go again "tomorrow." But when the bus came for him today, he screamed and stuck to my I was walking on the bus, carrying his large car seat. The bus has car seats for it's riders, but today was a field trip and he had to have a car seat. As I buckled him into his seat, I noticed the 3 other kids plugging their ears. According to David, the driver, he screamed for a little and then calmed down, but sulked the rest of the way to school.

The field trip was to the dentist. Quincy was so excited to show us all the things they got to bring home: a toothbrush, some flossers, a timer and a dental mirror. And he was happy when he got home, again.

The other day, I came out and found the boys playing on my bike...they do this often but never before with sun glasses. And they were playing happily!

And then last weekend, or was it the week before, I made crumpets. I LOVE those crumpets they sell at Trader Joes, but it was like $3 for a pack of 6. So I attempted and they tasted wonderful...but they didn't have the holes that real crumpets have. I'm going to work to perfect these, because I bought the rings to make them and I should use them.

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