Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quincy Goes To School

Yesterday Quincy started preschool! If you could leave a little message for Quincy, he would love to hear your excitement for him!
He was incredibly nervous but posed for a few pictures (only after I let him take mine).
He knows the letter Q so he looked around the room for his "name" and found it.
He was "velcro baby" when I was at the school with him, but after 30 minutes I peeled him off, handed him to Teacher Kathy, and when I picked him up all the teachers said he had a GREAT day.

Today the little bus picked him up at our house and he wasn't happy about leaving. Luckily, the bus driver that picks him up to go to school is the driver of Finn's bus, so he knows us (the same bus driver from the dump truck incident last year) and we like him. And he didn't seem bothered by Quincy's screaming.

Why isn't Paxton going? Well, Quincy is a little hyper and we had him tested and his social skills are a bit delayed and that qualifies him for a developmental preschool. Pax goes to speech therapy and we're trying to get him into swim lessons while his brother is in school.


  1. Yay Quincy! What a big boy you are. I can't wait to read more about how much fun school is.

  2. Oh my...they grow up too fast. Congratulations on starting school is so fun. All of your friends are there and you will learn so much. And get some quality time with your amazing mommy and swim lessons. I'm a little jealous.