Saturday, February 13, 2010

More vacation pictures!

So, I really want to be with Amy right now, partly because she had a freak accident on day 2 of her honeymoon but mostly because she is still in the Caribbean! Somehow, she had a full scuba tank, connected to weights and gear dropped on her head and she ended up with stitches and can't dive: sad, because their honeymoon was planned around diving.

So, we made it home about midnight on Thursday and picked up the kids from my parents on Friday morning...all was well with them, except they seem to have picked up a cold! I have a bit of jet lag and don't have much patience so here are some pictures to take me back! I haven't done wash yet, so I could still go stimulate another sense to take me there.

Me and AlvinMe in a swim through, basically swimming through short tunnels (it was a first for me and I just wished I had 2 gloves)On the dive boat, going on our night dive (no pictures from that yet)FishDive boat and hottie dive masterAlvin's uninvited lunch guest...the iguanas were really pests, because guests feed them when they shouldn't.Amy and Bobs wedding!What is she thinking?It really was a lovely ceremony and spot. Funny enough, the dive boat came in from a dive in the middle of it.Amy's shoes, just like mine with different ribbons...sorry Jeanette, no picture of me in my shoes.Not a great one of me, but none were! That the problem with taking off my sunglasses.At the airport and time to go home...I was crossing my fingers for a snow delay of a few days! We had a great time and met some new friends and saw old friends. And no sunburn thanks to spf 85! Of course, that means no tan either.


  1. Aww, why not? I wanted to see your shoes. Looks like a great vacation though.

  2. What a wonderful vacation! You totally deserve another one soon! Those shoes were darling. And I LOVE your new blog header picture!