Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where I've been...and where I am going!

I give up trying to catch up. Christmas was good, but couldn't find my camera and so I have no pictures. We went low key and spent less than $100 on each kid (total). Quincy found all the gifts hiding at my moms, so we had to do some swapping around and kept the kids guessing for christmas.

I'm busily preparing for our trip to St. Thomas. My dear friend Amy is getting married and she gave us lots of notice so we could make the trip. We booked the trip in July, but have known since April and I have been counting the days since Chrismas!. And Alvin and I have not had more than one night away together in over 7 years.

We will be staying here and celebrating until the wedding on Wednesday the 10th. Amy is a diver and Bob is a dive instructor and he is going to give us a refresher (it's been 8 years since our honeymoon and the last time we dove) and we are going on at least 6 dives! Hopefully, someone will have an underwater camera and we'll get some good pictures.

It's been almost a year since I saw Amy last, and I am so excited to have some girl time with her. And the temps are supposed to be in the 80...the perfect cure for my winter blahs.

Our kids are staying at my parents, but my mom will be out of town for the first several days...leaving their care to my dad, brother and anyone else who wants to show up and give them a break. And part of the stress I'm feeling is getting them ready (must pack and cook for them this week!) If you are local and want to visit the farm, they'd probably love to see some different faces.

You can expect pictures when I return!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Alvin's gone

Alvin has been out of town for almost a week, and since I didn't get around to printing pictures of the boys, I told him I would update the blog everyday and he could look at those pictures. I'll admit, I FAILED!

Where is he? He's remodeling his brothers kitchen in the bay area. But he flew to SLC, where he picked up cabinets, loaded them into a rental truck, and drove to CA. As of now, the old kitchen in out and he is working on the electrical. And he hopes to be home this weekend (Although, I'm planning on later).

Our Christmas was good. I couldn't find my camera, so I have no pictures, until other family members send copies. The boys all got scooters from my parents and they were the big hit. We decided to go really simple and the boys each got a book, a game from mom and dad, a gift from their brothers and a toy from Santa. It's nice because we didn't really have a lot of stuff to haul to and from my parents.

I am glad the holidays are over and I wonder why I look forward to them so much...I stress all the time before, then work my butt off to get to Christmas and work all day Christmas too. Yeah, next year I want a day off!

I'm finding it difficult to blog: maybe it's just the kids ages, that I feel like I have lost myself and am just a mom, or that no one comments and I wonder this is anything more than an online journal. So, if you want me to continue, let me know. Better yet, leave me a comment and ask me to share my opinions on ANYTHING and I will. Want to know something about me...I'll tell you, but you've gotta ask. We'll see how it goes, and if it's inspiring me to write more, the it'll be a success.