Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What have we been up to?

Pardon all the photos...I use pictures to remember what it is we have done in the long time since I have felt like I have had anything to post.

We had Grandpa Earl here for Thanksgiving and went to see Santa and his reindeer (in the back, you can't really see them). Had a lot of Fun with grandpa and are excited that he will be moving to Utah so we can see him more often.
Just after he left, we had a cold spell...really cold. Below freezing for several days and in the middle of it, I had this visitor. Nightly, I would bring in the bummingbird feeder and put it out first thing in the morning and this guy was waiting for it. I'd have to bring it in a few times a day to thaw out and he seemed appreciative (it hangs just outside my kitchen window, so I have something to look at while I do the dishes). Now that it isn't so cold, I haven't seen any hummingbird activity.
We bought our Christmas tree and decorated it using mostly ornaments the boys had made (using perler beads). It's a pretty little tree I think, and sitting on top of the table, it doesn't look as small as it is.
We had friends over to decorate Gingerbread cookies (one of the favorite things I have done this holiday season).
We are the cookies when we finished. Quincy with his....in his favorite sweater (he found it in a box of Finn's out grown clothes and wears it, even to bed. I have to peel it off him to wash it. He does the same thing with his favorite truck socks).
lil brig and his cookie.
The twins having a little nap on the couch. I'll admit it, there was melatonin involved and they were still in their jammies, but they were grumpy and I had to get things ready for christmas.
Paxton pushed Quincy off the ottoman and onto the edge of the hearth. It was a bad cut with a big bump, but he was okay as long as he had a band aid on it. Then when we took the bandaid off, he banged it again and split it open again.
Now, Paxton is sporting his own super glued spot...he got out of a bubble bath to go potty, and slipped against the tub getting back in, splitting his chin open. And here are the bubbles...we like to do them really bubbly, thanks to the aid of our "bubbleator" (some crazy gift my mom had never used and we found it in her closet).
Happy Christmas to all of you!


  1. What is life, after all, with boys that don't don some scar or other? Love the pictures! Good to see Jen over with her kids making cookies. Mele Kalikimaka!

  2. The cookies were beautiful! I like your tree! At least he was in the bath when he split it open. That is really cool about the hummingbird - and very nice of you to keep it thawed for him. We love to watch the birds outside our window too.