Saturday, October 17, 2009

We love visitors!

Last weekend, our friends, Shannon, Taylor and Tanner came for a visit. It wasn't really to see us, rather Taylor is looking at schools and Seattle U is very very very interested in her.
I'm rather ignorant about school sports, but she is a Junior and has already been offered a partial scholarship to play soccer for them in 18 months. I take it this means she is an incredible athlete.
While Shannon and Taylor did university stuff, I took Tanner and am ready to adopt her. She is old enough to be helpful and young enough to have fun with the kids. We went to the local beach, played at the park, then took a family bike ride up in Seqium (12 miles) and hit our favorite glass beach on the way home.

It was great to see Shannon and Taylor too, and we hope that Taylor will go to school here, so we can see a lot more of them.

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