Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Alvin!

I was too busy making a feast for Alvin's birthday to post. I made home made lasagne with meat and tons of fresh veggies and even used tomatos sauce made from tomatoes grown here. It was delish: good thing because we will have it for lunch and dinner tonight. Ironically, I served store bought bread, because I didn't have time to make bread and then make it garlic toast. Alvin did say that it was the best garlic bread he'd ever had.

For his birthday, he likes ice cream cake, but it can't be from baskin robbins, because that has cake in it. Lucky for me, we have a dairy queen closer than Baskin Robbins. I buy him the biggest cake they have, and we eat it for days. Alvin got a new coat, the Wii fit plus game, a receipt scanner and the game boggle. He's addicted to this game online called scramble and boggle is just like it, except you don't have to sit in front of the screen (one drawback, boggle can't tell you if it isn't a real word). He opened the game and played immediately while the kids watched.
The coat is orange...and it's kind of bright, but I've decided we need some brightness as winter approaches.


  1. Sounds like a great birthday! Pass on Happy Birthday wishes to him from me. Your lasagna sounds wonderful...you should post the recipe!

  2. Awesome birthday! Happy birthday and many many many more!!!! Yes, post your recipe. You can cook like no one I know!!! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Was his birthday yesterday? That's my Marlee's birthday too. Hope he had a great one. How could he go wrong with a fabulous cook like you!