Sunday, October 25, 2009

ER Visit

I knew I'd have to take someone to the ER eventually, but I never thought it would have been Paxton to make the first trip.

Yesterday had been trying for me...yes, they all are, but this one was particularly bad. And when I decided to get into the shower and leave Finn in charge, it got worse. Actually, I disrobed and stepped onto the bath mat, only to discover that it was sopping wet. A glance to my right and I saw the toilet had overflowed. (Anyone else think my boys need to go work at Kohler and teach them what a toilet really needs to flush?) Quincy had put a BIG wad of TP in it earlier and our crappy plunger wasn't working. Alvin had to go to work, so he said he would deal with it later. Of course, someone flushed a few times and I got to deal with it. With out sharing all the details, I was able to clear the clog. I left the water on the floor and hit the shower, practically in tears. A few second in and the door slamming and screaming starts. I got the shampoo and distractedly started rubbing it into my dry hair. I add water and Finn bursts through the door; "Paxton's slammed his finger in the door and he's bleeding really bad all over the floor."

I jumped out of the shower, dripping all over the already wet floor, thinking I'd give a kiss and hop back in. I have no contacts or glasses on, but I can see the blood and it's bad. With shampoo dripping in my eyes, I send Finn for the phone and the downstairs neighbors (finally have some). I call my parents and of course they aren't there. I call Alvin and he begins the drive home. Finn comes back and neighbors are gone. I called Brad and while he was coming over from the farm, I call Jen and quick explaination, she calls the urgent care place and finds out that we should take him to the ER. Brad arrives, I finish my shower, get dressed and gather stuff for an afternoon in the ER. Alvin gets home, Brad takes the other boys and we head off.

I'm always afraid that when I go to the Doctor or ER that they will tell me, it's fine, so I was a little afraid we'd get there and they would look at the cut and say it's fine. I was a little relieved that they wanted to do an x ray amd said he'd need stitches.
Little trooper waiting...
Getting the news that he'll need stitches
With the duck and bear they gave him in the ER

Paxton did great and only cried when expected, when they washed it and when they numbed him and when they stitched it. He practically smiled for the xrays (nothing broken), but he didn't want to look at the wound. I admit, I was almost in tears every time he cried.
All bandaged up and ready to go home.

Paxton woke up in the middle of the night when his bandage came off...Alvin thinks he was afraid he'd have to go back to the doctor. We rebandaged and he slept until 10am.

Since it was his right index finger, he's going to have a hard time doing some things. Fortunately, he's got a big brother who feels bad for him.


  1. Poor little guy - and the distraught momma!!
    You know, in some of the pics he looks like your brother Jacob. Cutie!

  2. Maybe when my box gets there you can share some of the goodies? I know, you have the license not to share, but . . . maybe one? :)

  3. Oh wow! What a day. Please add me to your "who can I call in a pinch" list. I'm usually home and available (since I have babysitting age boys now!), and I'm close.

    I hope it heals well. Did they talk to you about possible nerve/tendon damage? You have to catch it early if you have a hope of repairing it.

  4. What a mess! You are quite the woman! By the way my mom just gave me the quilt you made. I LOVE it and thanks so much for making it for me!

  5. No super glue for that one, huh? Poor little guy! Stitches are the worst when you're little...or at any age, I guess!

  6. It seems there is no way to avoid the ER when you have kids. Glad it all worked out.