Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why didn't I think of that?

We had to get a new toilet. Okay, we didn't have to, but I wanted one that was more water efficient and one that was less intriguing for the boys to flush things down. Friday, I was sick (not pregnant) and not anxious to go to home depot, but after Paxton flushed a toy boat and clogged the toilet, I had to go.

Anyone else saying..."AGAIN?"

The toilet was going to have to be taken off, again and rotated until the thing fell out, so this was the perfect time to replace the old. So we went with a comfort height toilet and the boys now have to stand on the stool (FINALLY!)

And I know you aren't reading this to see pictures of my new, home depot generic toilet, but here it is, with the coolest item I have seen! For years we have had a little plastic potty seat on the floor next to our "throne" that gets dutsy and dirty and rarely cleaned. This solves all that.

(I cleaned right before taking the pictures, so that is cleaner bubbling up in there)

The little seat is magnetic and stays in the lid, and comes down easily.
Now if only the boys would use it!


  1. about twelve years ago I could have used a fancy seat like that. Geeesh. I hated those plastic side toilets. Anyway, glad someone is benefiting from invention (or at least attempting it).

  2. Love it. I don't know how you do it with 3 boys. Andrew about had a cow the first time I made him clean up his pee all over the floor and wall. He's really careful now.

  3. That toilet seat is so dang cool it almost makes me want to potty train all over again just to use it. (Who am I kidding?? NOTHING is cool enough to endure that misery again!)

  4. I want that seat! I'm going to have to go to home depot today and see if they have one at mine. Poor Jake holds on for dear life on the regular seat because he's too big for the other potty seat. I guess that means he'll have to sit on the one in the store to see if it fits him. No THAT will be hilarious!

    Sorry you had to get a new potty but I hope it fixes the toy-flushing problem!

  5. That potty is on steroids!!

    **what was that Violent Femmes song that we altered to tell Jeanette the "Glorious News"?

  6. Patti...I can't remember. I couldn't even remember we did that, but it sounds like something we would do. I still think of "take my breasts away" and think of you. And that other religous one, but afraid to mention it, lest I get struck down.