Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just do it.

Yeah, if I sit down and write about the little bit that has gone on, then I will have done it and can move forward when something exciting happens.

Friday, my dad suggested that we take the kids to the fair. Okay, I haven't been to the fair since I've become a mom...the kids should like it. Animals are fine to look at for a little bit, but when you have cows, horses and the like in your own yard, it isn't that exciting. Except Paxton saw a miniature horse that was black and white spotted and insisted that it was a small cow. The rides were expensive and only sort of fun, but Finn complained that he didn't get to go on enough ($4 a ride, how many rides would you pay for him to go on...especially after one he insisted he ride, only to declare it was boring when he got off). And after we had been there only an hour, the kids were on a ride and we turned around and someone had stolen a stroller.

Okay...little tangent here....HOW FREAKING DESPERATE are you to steal a stroller? I mean, you are tired of carrying around your kid, so you make some other parent be just as miserable when they came prepared? You can rent a stroller for a few bucks! I only had 1 stroller and 3 kids that wanted to ride (towards the end).

Overall, fair was okay, but too expensive.

So I probably didn't say a few weeks ago that we bought a new couch. It' s been more than a year that we've only had a love seat and a chaise, but I finally had enough fighting over the loveseat, that I insisted we buy one...and they called today to schedule delivery. It was the brightest spot in my day.

Today, I had to go pick up my mother in law at the airport. I had the day all planned out and was going to do great and fun things with Paxton and Quincy. Of course, as things go, I had to use the restroom on the ferry. I had to haul both boys upstairs and after I let them walk around the ferry. BAD IDEA, because they have video games with steering wheels. I had the walk of shame back to the stairwell, carrying 2 SCREAMING boys past commuters and people who weren't humored at all!

Picked up Grandma and the first stop was to go find a pinata for the twins party Thursday. But I was going to leave them in the car with Grandma, but they were unfamiliar with her and who ever was behind her cried...for sitting behind her (in the new car seat...which everyone wants to sit in, except for today). Party store hears a lot of whining, he pinched me talk, and finally I said something to the boys, like, "Do you think there is any one in this store that wants to take home a whining little boy...I'm about ready to give you away." Come on, parents say things like that, right? Some man had the nerve to say, "Ma'am, there is a police station down the street that would be happy to take your children, no questions asked."

And we get back to the car and encounter more screaming, because Quincy doesn't want to sit behind grandma. He screams at the top of his lungs for at least 5 minutes, and his scream is ear shattering, before I finally pull into a parking spot, let him out to scream for close to 10 minutes. I seriously thought the police would show up, and I wouldn't touch him. Finally, I held him tightly and told him there would be no more screaming. AND IT WORKED. He got in the car, drank his milk and calmed down.

We headed to Ikea. The boys are potty trained, so I thought I could put them in the kiddy land, right? I took them potty first, and signed them up, only to be told that they couldn't come in until they were 3... a meer 48 hours away and you send them away crying. So we walked though Ikea with 2 crying sad boys, saying, "I'm super duper mad at those people for not letting us play." I convinced them that the toy section was a playland and they were happy once we got there. That is, until Pax fell about 2 feet and hit the back of his head on the floor. He screamed. Quincy wouldn't leave and I had to "go," so Grandma watched him and he was fine. Time to go eat...love those free meal coupons for kids, but Q didn't want to leave. (You are getting the hang of my day, right?) He screams. Until we get to the play area by the food. G'ma goes for her food, and the boys play, until someone had to go potty and I had to peel the other boy away from playing. Go in the bathroom and someone screams because I made him stop washing his hands...those short sinks are really convenient. Go back, leave the boys under g'mas care as I get lunch for us...and with a tray full of food, I hear it. Paxton come running across the restaurant screaming.....because Quincy pinched him.

Ahh, I can sit down and eat, and the boys will play, right? Do you think my boys are angels? No, dropped forks, don't want food, someone has to go potty...if I got up less than 6 times, I would be surprised. And as we are leaving, Paxton bumps his head, again. More screaming. Made it thru the rest of the store with minimal crying, because I promised another play area ahead, if they put their heads on pillows I tossed in the cart and pretened they were asleep.

Back to the car, more screaming. You know what I look like? That mom you see in the store and say, "she could use a drink!" I have twins, I looked WORSE than her, you could tell by the way people were looking at me.

Boys fell asleep and the rest of the trip was uneventful, except I got to go into Trader Joes, ALONE, while they slept with Grandma.

And then I get home, and I get sad news. For 5 years before Finn was born, I worked at an accounting firm and one of the women I worked with died last week. I found out about it from our paper supply rep who happened to find me on Facebook a few weeks ago. She read Tammy's obituary and told me. Okay, I feel really bad, because when we went to Utah in April, I had heard she had been sick, and considered going to see her, and I didn't.

But the part that makes me teary (crappy day makes it easier to cry) is this: She was he youngest of many children and she told me once that she always knew she would take care of her parents and because of that, she knew she wouldn't marry or have kids. And I recall thinking, when her parents die, she isn't going to have anything left, but work. Apparently, her mom passed on a few years ago and her dad died 32 hours before her. I just keep thinking, her job was done.

Tammy was very selfless, very kind, so happy to share in any of my good news. She used to bring pumpkin rolls to the office and they were deilcious. And for an office fundraiser, she made chili that was incredible (I was super surprised, because I don't usually do meaty chili). And I have never gone into a Cracker Barrel with out thinking of her: she was from South Carolina and loved to shop in the store...bought my wedding gift from there. I'm grateful to have known her.

And with that, I am putting this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day to bed. And I hope that tomorrow is better...and if it isn't, I have a bottle of wine I won't hesitate to uncork about noon.


  1. Ugh. You totally deserve a break. How 'bout leaving the kids with Gma for a bit and just sitting at the library for an hour. It's my favorite free ALONE time. I usually end up falling asleep in one of the big, comfy chairs. :-)

  2. What a day! You're an amazing mom to not just throw up your hands and say "I give up! We're going home!"

  3. Oh Erika! I want to come and take your boys one day. You need a break! Would they let me take them to the park?
    Keep up the good work. Remember, they'll be grown before you know it and today will be but a distant memory.

  4. Great Idea Brooke, but I only leave G-ma with twins when they are locked in their car seats...she's deaf and wouldn't hear their mischeif, and not able to run after them if they got away from her.

    Yesterday was better, but seems like we are getting sick...that's why all the crying!

  5. What a crappy day! I cannot believe the nerve that man at the party store had in telling you that you could take your kids to the police station. He obviously isn't a parent. RUDE! And it is so sad about Tammy. She was so kind to everyone and she was a GREAT cook! I'm so glad to know that she is happy and well now with her parents in heaven.