Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of First Grade

First grade already? Finn was nervous all summer long about first grade, but was so excited to leave this morning. We read him a few books on the subject and it seemed to calm him down.

This year school starts at 7:50; a huge change from 9:30 last year. Finn has to catch the bus at 7:20 and I imagine many mornings waiting with him in the dark on our busy road. The positive side is that most mornings Alvin will still be home and I won't have to take the little boys out there (and Alvin might go some mornings, and sometimes I can send him with Brad, Gabes dad).

We are so excited this school year!


  1. Finn is so handsome. Lovin the faux-hawk I bet he has girls knocking your door down by the second week...Is first grade too early for girls to like boys??

  2. Handsome young man, there. Hope he has a grand day/year!!

    I was dropping Connor off at the high school and a dang dog ran out in the intersection and smack dab into a taxi . . . it got up and ran/limped away . . . nice way to start the day, yeah?

  3. What a big boy he has become! That's exciting that he started first grade this year and I'm so glad that you got a picture of him on his first day!!