Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well, no one got hurt.

Just yesterday, our "new" neighbor Sheri told me that Quincy reminds her of the little boy at the begining of Speed Racer when he drives around the driveway in his little Gator. I saw part of the movie, but I don't recall the first part: I am going to have to rent it now.

Quincy (not quite 3) loves to drive. He loves to drive on my lap, up or down my parents driveway. He loves to play in the front seat when the car is parked in the driveway. A few weeks ago, he became fascinated with keys, putting the car keys in the ignition. He even got my parents riding lawn mower started...since Finn can't figure it out, I am stumped. Every day, since Alvin has been working next door, Quincy waits for Alvin to say it's time to go home and he hops in dads truck and waits for the short ride home.

Guess today, he couldn't wait. He got into the truck and Alvin had to run upstairs for something. Alvin hears a loud crash and looks out the window to see his truck rolling into the horse pasture behind my parents house.

At the same time, "new" neighbor Brad looks out his kitchen window, sees the truck going past, and starts yelling for Quincy to put on the brakes. Sheri hears him yelling, and goes running.

By the time Alvin is out to the fence, Sheri has made it to the truck and pulls a scared, but uninjured little boy out. When Alvin gets there, he jumps into Alvin arms and wouldn't let go. Apparently, Quincy had peed his pants before and was coming home to change, but what's a little pee when your little guy is scared. Luckily, none of the other kids there were close by and the horses were off in the distance.

It's now 9:30 at night and Alvin is still over there fixing the fence. make a mental note, when visiting here, don't leave your keys in the ignition. Here't the damage..

Well, not so easy to see, because Sheri and Brad are holding up the fence so the horses can't get out. But see the tire tracks.I'll post pictures of Alvin's truck later....but don't you think the auto body place should give us a good deal if we bring in 2 cars?


  1. No way! All I can think of is what are you going to do when that boy is finally of legal age to drive? You're in for some fun times, I'm sure!

  2. Or maybe this scared him so much he'll never want to drive again? You can always hope!

  3. Wow you could write a book with the many adventures of your little guys!