Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good News!

Got some great news late last night...The twins might be able to go to preschool. The school where Finn went has scholarships available (for families that can't afford us!) for preschool. Since there are only 7 kids in the afternoon class, they are willing to accept Paxton and Quincy even though their birthday is 17 days past the cut off.

And the boys are now FULLY potty trained. They only have accidents when they are playing too hard (won't that happen at school?). I have to be willing to come change them if they did have an accident, but since the school is only a few miles away, I am happy to oblige.

The only slight problem is that school for Finn gets out earlier than last year and he should be getting off the bus the same time as I'd have to pick up the little ones. And that doesn't leave much time for my "free time". But who cares...they might go to schol. I thought this wouldn't happen for another year!


  1. Yeah! That's awesome!

    Have you ever tried to get them into the preschool at Ordway? It's free. And they provide bussing. I think you have to have some sort of "developmental" reason for them to go, but it can be a speech issue, or a social issue, or something else.