Thursday, August 6, 2009

And the winner is...

Herbsgirl (Patti)! She guessed $976 and we actually pay.....$1154 a month.

Maybe government health care isn't the answer, but something must be done. $14,000 a year for a few trips to the doctor and What If' protection is too high and that is why I think we need some intervention. And you wonder why so many people are going with out health insurance...because it costs as much as our rent, more than our last house payment and more than my car payment and insurance combined.

I don't know the solution, and I don't even know if we can afford insurance nest month, but I do know that I am sending Patti some delicious pacific northwest strawberry jam.

In reading all your comments again, as well as reading my post, I think Patti also said it best, "the screwed up Insurance Industry should be completely revamped" and we all know that they certainly aren't going to do that on their own.

Alvin and I had a heated disagreement on the issue today, and I acknowledge that I know very little about the plans the government has, but maybe they could interfere and help get the the screwed up Insurance Industry completely revamped.

Jenny, we have regence. It's a 80/20 plan, but with a $500/$1500 deductible... They no longer offer this plan and I think they keep raising our rates, in hopes that we will change plans. And I don't know if they have HSA's for the self employeed.

Interestingly, did you know that my family of 5 pays the same amount as a family of 10, 12 or even 16? Maybe I should have more's not going to cost anymore (but if it did, it would certainly be a factor in my decision). Now, don't get me started on the issue of illegals (I am very opinionated).


  1. I really think you should look into a plan like I have. I worked out the numbers when I was making the change and our out of pocket expenses are only $12,000, so even if we max out our deductible, which is either $3000 or $5000, I don't remember, we'd only have to pay $12,000 for the year. Plus we have the HSA account which is tax free money to pay for doctor visits, prescriptions, etc. Check out Regence online, or give me a call. I know you can save money!

  2. Congrats to Patti!
    Wow. There must be a better plan for you guys. And, I know you do your homework, so maybe not. I think something needs to be done about the insurance companies. It's crazy! You were very brave to put this out here for people to comment on. :)

  3. I guess I should have known....OUCH! I always thought that if you bought it yourself you could find it a little cheaper. My premium at my last job for medical and dental for me and two kids was $1,200.00/month (fortunately for me ~ my boss paid it).


  4. Highway robbery!!! How can anyone afford that?

  5. I am so sorry that I won, But I'd love the jam :)... I am so sorry that you are paying so much. I know for that one instance that you hope never happens, insurance is a good thing. Otherwise, it feels like your being violated every month.

  6. Oh my Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire! That's craziness that you have to pay that much! It would make me want to go without and go to the pay as you need it health clinics. Besides that, wouldn't a surgery be cheaper if you didn't have health insurance? Probably not, but I have heard that they bill more if you have insurance.