Monday, July 13, 2009

So much going on...

...and nothing seems exciting enough to report. So I am posting a few pictures from the past little while.
On the first of July, I made 40 half pints of strawberry jam. Since strawberries were on sale, I thought I should buy 12 flats. I didn't realize that one flat made more than one recipe and I was completely burned out when finished. There are also 10+ quart sized bags of frozen strawberries in the freezer. I have been informed that my jam is the best on my homemade bread...even still, it is going to take us 10 years to get through the jam I have put up in the past 2 years. And tomorrow, I am headed to pick raspberries. Paxton loves berries more than any other kid I know, so when we saw this monster in a package, we had to buy it for him...everyone else enjoyed smaller strawberries.
We went to Old Man Beach...I've lived here for many years, and it's hard to believe I didn't go until this summer. It's a nice little beach, somewhat sandy (compared to others here) with a great view. the day we went, it was only about 65 degrees, but that didn't stop the boys from getting wet.My mom and I went to this years Rotary Auction, like the biggest yard sale you've ever seen, and I bought this Cloche at my first stop...that means, I had to carry it (backpack) for the rest of the morning. Few other great finds, a lampshade--second stop (kind of dumb because I had to carry that too), a few baskets I used as drawers in the kids cupboard and a springy rocking horse that now lives at the farm. I baked this loaf of bread in my find the next day.Finn and Alvin rode with my dad and Sol in the 4th of July parade. It was a very last minute thing, and they were the very tail end of the parade. Good thing, because my dad's horse pooped and he didn't bring a pooper scooper (I wasn't volunteering--I have 2 little ones). Finn loved being in the parade, but I think he missed catching candy and warching the parade.

We went to a fantastic 4th of July party on the beach and watched the best fireworks display launched right in front of us. Alvin was in heaven, because he got to help launch and didn't have to pay for it. This is the beach at sunset--a bit before the "main" fireworks.

We had some "new" people move into the cottage on Saturday, only they lived their 15 years ago. They have a son Finns age and we are so excited to have them here. Finn has had so much fin having his own playmate, that he hasn't pestered his brothers at all in the past few days.

It was hot Saturday, so the kids talked Bubba into swimming in the pond (I took the pictures, I wasn't getting into that water). Paxton took his first dip in the pond and wasn't thrilled. Quincy slept through it all, but if Pax wasn't having fun, Quince would have hated it.Funny how little kids aren't bothered by a little algea.


  1. I totally miss the Rotary Auction! There's always good stuff to find there. And P.S. I don't blame Paxton with that pond...I think I only jumped in once and that was good enough for me...all the duck poop at the bottom did it for me!

  2. Why wasn't I with you at your big "yard sale" sounds awesome! Looks like you're having a great summer. I want to go to the beach too. I'm so jealous.

  3. Is O'ahu where you and your family used to come all those years ago? I can't remember, but I thought so. Did you see any other of the islands? Recommendations?
    You know me: I'll stay on the shore. But, cool that a few of the boys aren't afraid of the ponds gunk. Uff da! {{{hugs}}}