Friday, July 31, 2009

Health Care Give away

Okay, it's out, I think the government should have some sort of health care plan. I know this is such a hot issue...Alvin and I even disagree on it. It's just too darn expensive.

Our health insurance went up this month. It does that every other year, regardless of if we've used it or not...we always use it a little.

So guess how much we pay (now) for health insurance? No really, add a comment -- be sure to leave your name if you don't have a blog account. And for the person who guesses closest, I am going to send you a jar of Strawberry Jam that I made this month: made with apple juice, not sugar, so it has a little tartness, but I think it's delicious.

To assist you in your guessing, here's the kind of coverage we have. We cover our family of 5 (although the 5th is "free" because family coverage is for 4). It's good coverage. We pay a $20 co-pay at the doctor, and we pay 20 percent of surgeries, hospital stays, etc. I don't know about prescriptions for certain, but I think it's $10 for generic and 30% of name brands. Of course, we are non smokers, under 40 and I have high blood pressure and Alvin has allergies.

In case you haven't been informed, it's Hotter than hell here. Wednesday broke the records and was 108 degrees, yesterday it hit 97. Today is going to be a cool 88. I spent the past 2 days at my moms so I could enjoy the AC they installed as part of their remodel. {I was pregnant and on bedrest in July, 3 years ago...and to cool off, I would go to my moms with out AC. So Glad I am not pregnant}

I am headed off this weekend with Alvin's brothers wives to Lake Tahoe. A first for me to be away from my boys for more than one night. I am really looking forward to it.

Don't forget to leave your guess...the jam is really worth it! I'll let you know the answer on Wednesday, when I return.


  1. I think the insurance industry needs to be revamped, but to allow the gov't to run a system for health care? I think insurance is outrageous, but even if the gov't took over, our taxes will go up to pay for it (at least at some point) and have you read what kind of monkey business they have injected into the plan? Not to mention that these congressmen have created an "opt out" for them, but not for us? I've read that even Obama won't be using the gov't plan, but we have to? I am also looking at other plans (like Medicade/medicare/ social security) that the gov't has completely screwed up. I do not want some suit in D.C. telling me I can't have my cancerous boob cut off 'cos I'm stage 3 and only have a 50% chance of a five-year survival rate. Or, my mother (as ill as she is or pretends to be) being denied care because she is old (at 64) and fat and has type II . . . as an example. My boobs are fine. My mom? That's up for debate.

    . . . I can see why people are getting pissed about this (on both sides), but I think what needs to be done is fewer lawsuits for stupid stuff; fewer folks using the ER as a clinic when they could keep home until office hours - an ear ache is not an ER visit, but many many people do this) . . . no one is arguing it's not all a mess, but I don't want big gov't. And, I know people who visit the doc and pay out of pocket because it is cheaper than using health care. These are people who are paying themselves (setting aside money for such things; just like the old days). We, too, will have to decide what to do once we are out of the military. If we keep TriCare we will pay a monthly fee, co-pays, etc., too.

    I guess you're paying about $850/month. I'm going high 'cos I think it's probably why you would want the "free" health care.

    BTW, I'm glad you have something you are posting about again. I hate the dry spells where there is just nothing to say. I can't keep posting rainbow pics out my window!! "Today's rainbow is only slightly less bright than yesterday's." ha!

  2. Health care, what's that? We can't even begin to afford it, but even so I want the government to stay out of my business. They are already way to big for their britches if you ask me.
    I'll guess $725 per month although that might be low. That coverage would cost us well over a thousand if not two.

  3. I'll put my guess out there at $693 per month.

  4. Let me say $925.00 per month? If you do not have insurance, you could negotiate with doctors and hospitals for the rate insurance would pay them and then set aside a medical fund of your own? Just a thought. Anytime government wants to run something, it gets too costly. And those who do not get it pay through taxes too. Not really a fair plan. They should stop paying for health care for illegal immigrants for a start and not to anyone who does not pay Social Security taxes.

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  7. I am not for Government Health Care. The government is too in my life as it is. I do believe VERY FIRMLY that the screwed up Insurance Industry should be completely revamped.

    We were paying just below $1200 for family healthcare when I had it. It worked better for us to get the kids individual health plans in the long run...My guess is $976.00 Good Luck. I just found an agent that is working a deal for us...but I am sure it will have a big HUGE deductible.

  8. Do you have a deductible? If not, I guess $850. We have a pretty big deductible, but some of our visits, like well child checks, are covered 80% and we don't have to pay any deductible. I'm paying $382 (just went up this month from $326) for four kids and myself, with a high deductible, 80% coverage, but it qualifies us for an HSA account. I put in $300/month tax free and use that to pay all medical expenses. It's not great, but it's sure beats going through Brad's employer, where we'd pay over $800/mo. for the family. I agree that the health care system is totally screwed up. But I don't think government healthcare is the answer. I don't know what is. Maybe just scrapping the whole thing and starting over!

  9. Oooh...This is a tough one. I wasn't going to answer until I got all that quality time with you last night. :) I'm going to guess $675.00. It was great getting some time with you....I needed that.

  10. Did I miss out? It is still Wednesday, right? My guess is $450 a month. Insurance is ridiculous. I think we should all just go to instacare every time we get sick and pay $50.(They have that here in Utah.)