Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time for an update!

So much has been happening and I haven't blogged about it, mostly because I haven't been able to stay indoors. You see, it' been hot here and they boys want to be outside. It used to be that I could leave the door open and let them play in the yard, but lately, they disappear and run to my moms house. Since there is constantly people coming and going there, I have to be with them and my house suffers.

But, my poppies bloomed. A child, we don't know which one, flushed more things down the toilet. Someone suggested we try the scop vac and suck it out, but it didn't work. Alvin ended up taking the toilet off (AGAIN!) and found a shampoo bottle and the toilet paper holder springy thing. However, the tp thingy didn't want to come out, so at 9pm on that Saturday night, Alvin headed to home depot to buy a new toilet --one bathroom, we can't go with out a toilet. I decided to see if I could get it out and I did, by summersaulting the toilet (harder than it sounds) and letting the thing come out the way it went down. Alvin come home with out having to spend a fortune on a toilet...and I let him spend the money golfing the next morning instead.We went to our "secret beach" and had a picnic with our friends the Morgans. It was cool and overcast, but that didn't stop the boys from going in the water. (This is in Hansville, but to answer Jennys question about the last beach, we were by the point white dock)P & Q got wet, then took off their diapers...but the shirts provided a little cover.
Finn wasn't bothered by the cold water much...and couldn't wait to get in it. Some woman, gave us these sand can't tell how tiny they were, but the grey one was about the size of my pinky toenail. Of course the sun burned off just as we were leaving, so we stopped at my parents house and saw Uncle Jake and played in the shade.
Then came the real heat. We had several days were it was over 85 degrees. And that meant pulling out the waterslide.
We invited friends over each day, but the only time anyone actually joined us was the day it died. My mom bought it at Rotary Auction last summer and it was a great find. We are going to try to "fix" it with duct tape, but it isn't holding air and I don't know if it can be repaired.
Last night was Finn's schools picnic with concerts by a big "marching" type band and Finn's music teacher. The boys loved watching the band and at one point Q disappeared and we found him sitting here again just watching.
Finn showed his brothers how to roll down the big hill and loved running around with his fact, I practically had to drag him to the car.

We have also been working in our garden...peas should be coming up soon and we have zucchini, pumpkins (courtesy of CF...the boys are excited) & tomatoes. I have been trying to keep up with the weeds in the front flower bed and stay on top of the mowing (if I mow early enough, I can mulch and not have to bag it...almost worth doing it twice a week.

Alvin has been puttin gin many extra hours at my parents house and you can finally see progress. I helped my mom (hey, the boys were already over there) put her living room back together and they might even be able to sleep in their bedroom tonight. After more than 18 months, this is success.
It has cooled off, back down to the 60's, and we are able to sleep a bit better. Today is the final t-ball game and if the weather cooperates, we may do a beach again tomorrow.


  1. Great update! That water slide looks like a blast. Bummer that it isn't working.

    See ya at the beaches this summer . . . :-)

  2. My goodness, you have been busy! That's great that your parent's house is almost done! YEAH! Glad to hear that your garden is coming up.

  3. BTW - I LOVE your poppies!

    Also - I love your new background! I went to their site and browsed for a new one for myself, then I picked it and changed mine and realized that it is the same as yours! No wonder I liked it so much! I hope you don't mind me copying! It just shows what great taste we have, right?!?