Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This post may seem funny to my "older" friends who knew me back when I didn't eat a whole lot of cheese. I took a cheese making class. You see, this goes a long with making my own bread, laundry soap, and coffee syrup: I'm teaching my family to be a little more self sufficient. And heck, it's fun to learn something new.

This is Linda, who taught the course, holding up a batch of feta and her partner, John, who washed up and assisted her.

We made cultured Butter, feta, mozzarella, paneer, and ricotta, and all were relatively easy and wonderful. I can't wait to make my own, in fact, I am going this afternoon to pick up a gallon of raw whole milk to make some...maybe even tonight.


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  1. Your pictures came out way better than mine. Crappy camera.

    And I'm curious about putting hair in your garden. (Sorry, I'm too lazy to make separate comments on both posts.) Is there any other benefit to it other than keeping deer away? And does that really work? You just know all the cool stuff.