Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finns Last Day of Kindergarten!

As of today, Finn is a first grader. His class celebrated by a trip to the beach. I've attached a few pictures with out all the kids in them. Mount Rainer was visible...just barely. There were some kids their who had made a fort and all the kids wanted to play on it.
Sabine, Sol and Pax in the fort. Sol was fantastic...he played with P&Q so I was able to help Finn with a scavenger hunt.
The class honored his teacher with a rose bush and a gift certificate.
At home, we celebrated with a Finn favorite, Cincinnati Chili. P & Q aren't fans, but they were told they could ride horses after dinner if they ate theirs, and here's Quincy enjoying his reward. Alvin was later bucked off this horse.

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  1. What a fun last day! I asked Ben what they did and he said "P.E. and made Father's Day cards." But he did have a great year and I loved his teacher. I can't believe they're 1st graders now!