Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wii're having a blast!

We broke down and allowed the Easter Bunny to buy a Wii and WE are loving it. A week later, I had to go buy a Wii fit...and Surprisingly, it gets used a lot, and not just by me. Alvin sometimes will come in and turn it on and start "exercising" with the games.

For me, it's about the age. I do a daily test to see my wii age. I've done as good as 27, but couldn't get a picture of it. So here is my 33. (All that really means, is my balance is good).
And it has been good for Alvin and I. We put the kids in bed and play a few games of bowling, baseball of golf...almost feels like a date surrounded by laundry, sippy cups and toys. We are always looking for suggestions on kid appropriate games, so if you know any, please share.
Last Saturday was a busy day for us. Finn had a t-ball game, a birthday party and lost a tooth. At the t-ball game, he showed his coach his very loose tooth and at lunch it fell out. Now he has no front teeth, but I don't have a picture of that yet. I was relieved, because when one tooth fell out, the other moved over and it looked like some people I saw when I lived in Tennessee.

I'll post a toothless picture when I get one...and hopefully, he won't be toothless for too long. The new ones are already coming in, thanks to his patience and not pulling them out.

Finn had birthday parties to go to on both Friday and Saturday and I made capes for both boys (my standard gift this year). Paxton and Quincy posed for a picture with them on (they are reversible).

It's rained a lot since that last picture and I am going to have to mow the lawn again. It's my goal this spring to keep ahead of the weeds and mow before the dandelions go to seed.


  1. Wii like the Mario racecart one. Fun!

  2. What a great gift idea. So cute.

  3. We just got a wii fit and it told me I was 44! I guess I need to use it more, cuz my balance is not so good. Very cute idea for presents, BTW! A woman of many talents!