Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday - Memorial Day Weekend

Sunburn update...we've been putting Noxzema on it a few times a day and Paxton now asks for the blue medicine when he gets itchy. It's peeling again and looking better and he no longer cries when you touch him. I don't know if time has made it better, but I think I'll be using noxzema on all sunburns this summer. (Last summer, KB posted that she had a sunburn and put noxzema on it, because BR told her to, so I went and bought some for our campling trip...I was expecting a burn, didn't get one, but at least I had it)

Yesterday, I had to put a very tired Paxton in time out. He screamed for while, but quickly calmed down. I assumed he went to sleep and left him in longer than I would have normally. But as I stood at the kitchen window, this is what I saw.
Later in the day, we went to Hannas birthday party and had a terrific time.
Paxton rode his favorite bike at their house.

Quincy moved up to a 2 wheeler with training wheels.

Finn loves cake and ice cream.

We were invited to stay after and Hung out in their parklike yard. Alvin took all our boys on their "motorcycle" (Finn now wants one of his own).

Quincy pushed Alvin on the was his idea to stand on the flower pot.

We had a great time, stayed too late, and came home exhausted. Thanks Brig and Jen.

We had another late night visitor last night. We were watching TV and were startled by a loud thud, sounded like something big had fallen over on our deck. It was a racoon falling off the deck rail when he over reached to get to the feeder. He was back with in seconds, but ran away when Alvin came out with the shotgun.

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