Thursday, May 14, 2009

Never underestimate the power of a chocolate donut!

I read recently about a mom that gave her 2 1/2 year old a cookie after her child napped, and that was incentive for the child to nap. So we decided to try this with our kids. Since they have cookies often, Alvin offered a chocolate donut if they stayed in bed all night long...and it worked the first night. I gave them the tiny hostess donuts and they were happy. The next night, they slept until 8am (usually it's 6) but both boys had to come into our room: I gave them both donuts for sleeping in. Last night was the same, but no donuts, because the deal was sleep in their beds all night long.

So now we move on to potty training. I am running low on diapers and just can't stomach the thought of more diapers. I heard K and a friend talking about using training pants and plastic pants and I am going to try it. Paxton wore them last night for less than an hour and couldn't stand the feel. I sense that he said something to Quincy, because Quincy won't let me put "big boy pants" on him today.

Here's a picture of our toothless boy. Today, it looked like his teeth were growing in pretty fast.
Here's Finn and I at Mothers day tea last Friday. He made me the necklace in art class.
Quincy has learned to drive the gator. This is great because it entertaines both boys when Finn doesn't want to play with them. He isn't great, but he can steer and avoid things: he loves to drive around the driveway in a circle. He has also started biting his nails. As a former biter, I really would like to stop this asap, before it turns into a real habit. Any moms out there with experience? Here's Quincy today...he said, Take my picture, so I did. Seeing that picture, tells me that I need to start cleaning today.

Lastly, Alvin has taken up coon hunting. Last year, Alvin showed interest in birds, so we bought him feeders and books for Fathers day. Now, the racoons have found out feeders and are making pigs of themselves. A few nights ago, while watching TV, I looked out and thought the wind was blowing really hard, because the feeder was almost horizontal. Nope, the coon was holding the feeder so he could dump its seeds down his throat. The next night he brought friends and we went through 5 pounds of birdseed in one night. Alvin chased them off with a very loud firework and 10 minutes after proclaiming "Those b%$&*)s won't be back tonight," they came back. The next night, they were back again, and this time met with a shotgun. Alvin treed the racoon and sat at the base of the tree for 45 minutes in the dark. The next night, they came back again, and were shot at again...and they didn't come back last night. I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be watching TV after the kids go to bed with a shot gun by our side for the next few months. Now, if only we could get the hummingbirds to come back...I like those and their food only attracts ants.


  1. So . . . should I call ahead if I'm making a late-night stop at Kathryn's (which I sometime do). I don't want to be mistaken for a coon. I promise I won't go anywhere near your bird feeders! :-)

  2. I love the toothless smile! But, that hair. . .is to DIE for!!!

  3. Geesh, I never got rewarded with chocolate donuts. Good to try these things to get what you want, though. Your posts about your kids always make me smile.

  4. Interesting story about the donuts and the coon. as for nail-biting, I have never bitten my nails. Why not put adhesive tape around the tips of the fingers for a few days and see if that helps. I wish, wish, I had Finn's wavy hair.