Sunday, May 17, 2009

If you can't beat them, let them join you!

Apparently, I overestimated the power of the chocolate donut. Both boys slept in their room one night before deciding that it wasn't worth a chocolate donut to not sleep with us. Quincy comes in and sleeps on the floor on my side, Paxton goes to his dad's side (also on the floor) and the past 2 mornings, we have slept until 8am (EVEN QUINCY)! And you know what? I'll take sleeping until 8 over sleeping alone.

We've had a few bare bottom days and here's proof. Paxton put on his bathing suit and together the boys found the cake on the stove and devoured it. Today was a gorgeous day and we spent almost all of it outside, with both little boys naked. We brought out the water table and filled it several times and Paxton kept climbing into it. We spent a few hours at Mimi and Bubbas house riding bikes and driving the gator (all bottomless) and I didn't think to put sunscreen on until it was too late.
The boys crashed at about 7:00 tonight. They were red and worn out.

Finn has been great this weekend. He played T-ball like a rock star (his words) and planted flowers for Mimi and helped Bubba feed his bees. He quietly played wii this morning while we slept.

Just so you know, the racoons have not made an appearance since my last post. Alvin has moved on to chasing off the Canadian Geese (fireworks work for that too). Brooke, you can make late night visits again.


  1. Sadly, my late night visits won't be happening much longer. Unless you want me popping in to play games on Thursday nights. :-) I'm sure going to miss your downstairs neighbors.

  2. Your posts always remind me of my sister's days with her twin boys. They're 20 now so there is life after this crazy time.