Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blogs, Facebook and Etiquette

I've had several discussions with friends about blogs and facebooks and this is where I stand.

I blog for friends and family. I recognize that strangers may wander here and may learn more than I want them to about me and my family, but I'm putting it out there for them and if they really want to read about my boring life...that's okay with me. But, essentially, the blog is personal (I could make it one that you have to sign into, but I don't feel the need...I just leave out locations and last names. And thanks to people that have left their blogs open, I have found old friends) and yet, I still filter some of what I say here because you never know who is going to stumble here. I wouldn't want to say bad things about Esther, because she might find her way to my blog. It's like my diary and readers here are invited to see my parenting blunders, silly mistakes and emotional tyrades.

I facebook for family, friends, old coworkers, exboyfriends, friends of friends, neighbors, other moms locally...those that I don't really want to know I have a blog, like old high school classmates. It's enough for me to say on facebook where I live, what I do and leave things somewhat vague. I love the status updates; to me, it's what e-mails were 10 years ago. Remember, you'd get an e-mail from someone you hadn't heard from in years and you were so excited to catch up, and after a few exchanges, it became hard to write back because you had nothing you really wanted to say...That's facebook for me. I filter much of what I say on facebook because I don't really want "joe schmo", that I knew when I worked at the omnidome, to know that I am leaving my house vacant for 2 weeks while I vacation in Amsterdam. I don't have many pictures on facebook, because I don't really need to share all that with all them.

I have one friend on Facebook who leaves status updates in the form of polls, old songs, and random quotes several times a day and he has so many friends that there is always some great things to read. So recently another friend of mine made a comment and her friend forgot to filter themself, made a major blunder and criticized all us parents. My panties are all bunched and I only vaguely know the offender. So, filter yourselves...it isn't that hard to do. Put your personal agendas somewhere a little more private and you won't come off looking like a complete idiot.

On the subject of etiquette, I would bet that Miss Manners is cringing in her grave (she's dead, right?) because of the computer. I'm okay with e-mails for kids birthday parties...in fact this was Finn's invite this year...I e-mailed it out.

And I am okay with e-vite, only when it looks like the sender spent time for the "perfect" invitation. But come on...I've received an e-mail, directing me to a web site, which served as a wedding announcement. Yeah, looked like an e-mail, no cute attachment. And in my boys baby books, I have the invites to my baby showers, not a printed off e-vite either. There are things that deserve real invitations...weddings, bridal showers and baby showers. Interestingly, these are places you would bring a nice gift and in a sense, it's a nice way of asking you to bring a gift. Any one else see this breach in etiquitte and hate it? Or do you think I am off base?


  1. I think you are spot on, actually.
    I don't FB or Twitter or anything other than blog and I feel that it's my diary and I can put out there what I want (w/in reason - I do not want to push too hard on any one subject - I want to have FUN with it). If it's a chore, it's a bore. :) This is your blog, you put out there what you want. FB you can't really do that w/out offending someone sometime or another. I tried it and felt like I was IM-ing my siblings and some things go south, if you know what I mean. I wrote something I regretted immiately . . . because I realized all their friends would read it . . . so I got out of FB and won't go back.

  2. What timing! I watched a new story on evite etiquette and they did a poll with all their viewers. I'm amazed there are even people that do wedding invitations through evite...so absolutely impersonal! I don't think you're off your rocker at all!

  3. I agree too! I love FB and blogs for different reasons and e-vites have their place. I was happy to replace my "Christmas card" with my blog! :)