Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back Yard Camping

After reading on Liesl's blog about her great back yard camping experience, I decided to go along with Alvin's idea of camping in the yard. At first, we couldn't do it, because we had no tent, but Alvin pointed out that I bought one and it was in the car (so much for a fathers day gift). I made sure the kids rooms were clean and we pitched the tent, fighting with the kids to stay out until it was up entirely. After dinner and jammies, we blew up the air mattresses (no roughing it for me unless I am hiking) and tried to settle the kids down.
At about 9:30, Finn, who is terrified of lightning, asks what that booming noise is...we think it was fireworks from the reservation a few miles away. Finally, at 10pm and after warm milk, they fell asleep to the sound of the frogs chirping loudly. At 1 am, I woke Alvin with a "What was that?" This time, we think it's racoons. It was starting to feed cold and damp and we hunkered down under our down comforters. At 3 am, it was the neighbors dog barking at the coyotes, for several hours. At 5:30, I woke to go to the bathroom, and felt like I was in the jungle...the bird noises were...LOUD, and there were tons of different types making all kinds of noises. Then there were the canadian geese flying over the tent, squaking as they flew. When Quincy woke up and said he wanted to go inside, I had my shoes on before he changed his mind and wanted to cuddle with daddy. It was only 30 minutes later when they interrupted my quiet in the warm house.
Alvin worked Monday morning and later in the evening, but took a few hours to go to the beach.

It was only 65 degrees, but Finn wanted his shirt off...although he wouldn't get in the very cold water. Paxton was very happy to toss rocks into the water and Quince just wanted daddy time.
It may be a while before we camp in the yard again, but we plan to go away sometime this summer, maybe to your yard.


  1. I've camped in your yard, so sure, come camp in ours! I mostly remember the coyotes howling all night long...loud and scary! Which beach did you go to?

  2. I LOVE it that you camped in your backyard too! But, maybe you need to move back here to WJ, UT where there are NO noises in the night so you can actually sleep!! Your backyard camping is a bit more like real camping. . .raccoons, coyotes, birds, etc! I'll be sure to use an air mattress next time. :)

  3. Well, you are braver than me! I've camped in the wilds of Maryland . . . not my cuppa, camping . . .but I am willing to keep trying! There must be a happy balance in camping for those of us who are more like camper trailer types.

  4. You are a brave mommy to camp with all of the boys! I hope you caught up on your sleep the following night!