Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back Yard Camping

After reading on Liesl's blog about her great back yard camping experience, I decided to go along with Alvin's idea of camping in the yard. At first, we couldn't do it, because we had no tent, but Alvin pointed out that I bought one and it was in the car (so much for a fathers day gift). I made sure the kids rooms were clean and we pitched the tent, fighting with the kids to stay out until it was up entirely. After dinner and jammies, we blew up the air mattresses (no roughing it for me unless I am hiking) and tried to settle the kids down.
At about 9:30, Finn, who is terrified of lightning, asks what that booming noise is...we think it was fireworks from the reservation a few miles away. Finally, at 10pm and after warm milk, they fell asleep to the sound of the frogs chirping loudly. At 1 am, I woke Alvin with a "What was that?" This time, we think it's racoons. It was starting to feed cold and damp and we hunkered down under our down comforters. At 3 am, it was the neighbors dog barking at the coyotes, for several hours. At 5:30, I woke to go to the bathroom, and felt like I was in the jungle...the bird noises were...LOUD, and there were tons of different types making all kinds of noises. Then there were the canadian geese flying over the tent, squaking as they flew. When Quincy woke up and said he wanted to go inside, I had my shoes on before he changed his mind and wanted to cuddle with daddy. It was only 30 minutes later when they interrupted my quiet in the warm house.
Alvin worked Monday morning and later in the evening, but took a few hours to go to the beach.

It was only 65 degrees, but Finn wanted his shirt off...although he wouldn't get in the very cold water. Paxton was very happy to toss rocks into the water and Quince just wanted daddy time.
It may be a while before we camp in the yard again, but we plan to go away sometime this summer, maybe to your yard.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday - Memorial Day Weekend

Sunburn update...we've been putting Noxzema on it a few times a day and Paxton now asks for the blue medicine when he gets itchy. It's peeling again and looking better and he no longer cries when you touch him. I don't know if time has made it better, but I think I'll be using noxzema on all sunburns this summer. (Last summer, KB posted that she had a sunburn and put noxzema on it, because BR told her to, so I went and bought some for our campling trip...I was expecting a burn, didn't get one, but at least I had it)

Yesterday, I had to put a very tired Paxton in time out. He screamed for while, but quickly calmed down. I assumed he went to sleep and left him in longer than I would have normally. But as I stood at the kitchen window, this is what I saw.
Later in the day, we went to Hannas birthday party and had a terrific time.
Paxton rode his favorite bike at their house.

Quincy moved up to a 2 wheeler with training wheels.

Finn loves cake and ice cream.

We were invited to stay after and Hung out in their parklike yard. Alvin took all our boys on their "motorcycle" (Finn now wants one of his own).

Quincy pushed Alvin on the hammock...it was his idea to stand on the flower pot.

We had a great time, stayed too late, and came home exhausted. Thanks Brig and Jen.

We had another late night visitor last night. We were watching TV and were startled by a loud thud, sounded like something big had fallen over on our deck. It was a racoon falling off the deck rail when he over reached to get to the feeder. He was back with in seconds, but ran away when Alvin came out with the shotgun.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sunburn 4 days later

Paxton is stil hurting. And waking up in the night in pain. HELP.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Puttin' it out there...

Jen is always telling me, that if I want something, I have to put that desire out into the universe. And if you don't want something, you don't say it, because the universe will hear.

Last night, I posted (aka, put it out there) that Quincy has been sleeping in our room and last night, he stayed in his own bed. I said the boys were sunburned and one didn't sleep well becuase his was worse that his brothers (naked water table time will do that). So maybe it's working. I want hummingbirds to find and use my feeders. I want my boys to potty train easily. I want to go to St. Thomas in February. I want Finn to be a doctor. I want to find good neighbors to replace the ones we are loosing. I want a house of my own. And since I am putting this all out there, I want a few million dollars (one million just doesn't cut it anymore).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

If you can't beat them, let them join you!

Apparently, I overestimated the power of the chocolate donut. Both boys slept in their room one night before deciding that it wasn't worth a chocolate donut to not sleep with us. Quincy comes in and sleeps on the floor on my side, Paxton goes to his dad's side (also on the floor) and the past 2 mornings, we have slept until 8am (EVEN QUINCY)! And you know what? I'll take sleeping until 8 over sleeping alone.

We've had a few bare bottom days and here's proof. Paxton put on his bathing suit and together the boys found the cake on the stove and devoured it. Today was a gorgeous day and we spent almost all of it outside, with both little boys naked. We brought out the water table and filled it several times and Paxton kept climbing into it. We spent a few hours at Mimi and Bubbas house riding bikes and driving the gator (all bottomless) and I didn't think to put sunscreen on until it was too late.
The boys crashed at about 7:00 tonight. They were red and worn out.

Finn has been great this weekend. He played T-ball like a rock star (his words) and planted flowers for Mimi and helped Bubba feed his bees. He quietly played wii this morning while we slept.

Just so you know, the racoons have not made an appearance since my last post. Alvin has moved on to chasing off the Canadian Geese (fireworks work for that too). Brooke, you can make late night visits again.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Never underestimate the power of a chocolate donut!

I read recently about a mom that gave her 2 1/2 year old a cookie after her child napped, and that was incentive for the child to nap. So we decided to try this with our kids. Since they have cookies often, Alvin offered a chocolate donut if they stayed in bed all night long...and it worked the first night. I gave them the tiny hostess donuts and they were happy. The next night, they slept until 8am (usually it's 6) but both boys had to come into our room: I gave them both donuts for sleeping in. Last night was the same, but no donuts, because the deal was sleep in their beds all night long.

So now we move on to potty training. I am running low on diapers and just can't stomach the thought of more diapers. I heard K and a friend talking about using training pants and plastic pants and I am going to try it. Paxton wore them last night for less than an hour and couldn't stand the feel. I sense that he said something to Quincy, because Quincy won't let me put "big boy pants" on him today.

Here's a picture of our toothless boy. Today, it looked like his teeth were growing in pretty fast.
Here's Finn and I at Mothers day tea last Friday. He made me the necklace in art class.
Quincy has learned to drive the gator. This is great because it entertaines both boys when Finn doesn't want to play with them. He isn't great, but he can steer and avoid things: he loves to drive around the driveway in a circle. He has also started biting his nails. As a former biter, I really would like to stop this asap, before it turns into a real habit. Any moms out there with experience? Here's Quincy today...he said, Take my picture, so I did. Seeing that picture, tells me that I need to start cleaning today.

Lastly, Alvin has taken up coon hunting. Last year, Alvin showed interest in birds, so we bought him feeders and books for Fathers day. Now, the racoons have found out feeders and are making pigs of themselves. A few nights ago, while watching TV, I looked out and thought the wind was blowing really hard, because the feeder was almost horizontal. Nope, the coon was holding the feeder so he could dump its seeds down his throat. The next night he brought friends and we went through 5 pounds of birdseed in one night. Alvin chased them off with a very loud firework and 10 minutes after proclaiming "Those b%$&*)s won't be back tonight," they came back. The next night, they were back again, and this time met with a shotgun. Alvin treed the racoon and sat at the base of the tree for 45 minutes in the dark. The next night, they came back again, and were shot at again...and they didn't come back last night. I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be watching TV after the kids go to bed with a shot gun by our side for the next few months. Now, if only we could get the hummingbirds to come back...I like those and their food only attracts ants.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wii're having a blast!

We broke down and allowed the Easter Bunny to buy a Wii and WE are loving it. A week later, I had to go buy a Wii fit...and Surprisingly, it gets used a lot, and not just by me. Alvin sometimes will come in and turn it on and start "exercising" with the games.

For me, it's about the age. I do a daily test to see my wii age. I've done as good as 27, but couldn't get a picture of it. So here is my 33. (All that really means, is my balance is good).
And it has been good for Alvin and I. We put the kids in bed and play a few games of bowling, baseball of golf...almost feels like a date surrounded by laundry, sippy cups and toys. We are always looking for suggestions on kid appropriate games, so if you know any, please share.
Last Saturday was a busy day for us. Finn had a t-ball game, a birthday party and lost a tooth. At the t-ball game, he showed his coach his very loose tooth and at lunch it fell out. Now he has no front teeth, but I don't have a picture of that yet. I was relieved, because when one tooth fell out, the other moved over and it looked like some people I saw when I lived in Tennessee.

I'll post a toothless picture when I get one...and hopefully, he won't be toothless for too long. The new ones are already coming in, thanks to his patience and not pulling them out.

Finn had birthday parties to go to on both Friday and Saturday and I made capes for both boys (my standard gift this year). Paxton and Quincy posed for a picture with them on (they are reversible).

It's rained a lot since that last picture and I am going to have to mow the lawn again. It's my goal this spring to keep ahead of the weeds and mow before the dandelions go to seed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blogs, Facebook and Etiquette

I've had several discussions with friends about blogs and facebooks and this is where I stand.

I blog for friends and family. I recognize that strangers may wander here and may learn more than I want them to about me and my family, but I'm putting it out there for them and if they really want to read about my boring life...that's okay with me. But, essentially, the blog is personal (I could make it one that you have to sign into, but I don't feel the need...I just leave out locations and last names. And thanks to people that have left their blogs open, I have found old friends) and yet, I still filter some of what I say here because you never know who is going to stumble here. I wouldn't want to say bad things about Esther, because she might find her way to my blog. It's like my diary and readers here are invited to see my parenting blunders, silly mistakes and emotional tyrades.

I facebook for family, friends, old coworkers, exboyfriends, friends of friends, neighbors, other moms locally...those that I don't really want to know I have a blog, like old high school classmates. It's enough for me to say on facebook where I live, what I do and leave things somewhat vague. I love the status updates; to me, it's what e-mails were 10 years ago. Remember, you'd get an e-mail from someone you hadn't heard from in years and you were so excited to catch up, and after a few exchanges, it became hard to write back because you had nothing you really wanted to say...That's facebook for me. I filter much of what I say on facebook because I don't really want "joe schmo", that I knew when I worked at the omnidome, to know that I am leaving my house vacant for 2 weeks while I vacation in Amsterdam. I don't have many pictures on facebook, because I don't really need to share all that with all them.

I have one friend on Facebook who leaves status updates in the form of polls, old songs, and random quotes several times a day and he has so many friends that there is always some great things to read. So recently another friend of mine made a comment and her friend forgot to filter themself, made a major blunder and criticized all us parents. My panties are all bunched and I only vaguely know the offender. So, filter yourselves...it isn't that hard to do. Put your personal agendas somewhere a little more private and you won't come off looking like a complete idiot.

On the subject of etiquette, I would bet that Miss Manners is cringing in her grave (she's dead, right?) because of the computer. I'm okay with e-mails for kids birthday parties...in fact this was Finn's invite this year...I e-mailed it out.

And I am okay with e-vite, only when it looks like the sender spent time for the "perfect" invitation. But come on...I've received an e-mail, directing me to a web site, which served as a wedding announcement. Yeah, looked like an e-mail, no cute attachment. And in my boys baby books, I have the invites to my baby showers, not a printed off e-vite either. There are things that deserve real invitations...weddings, bridal showers and baby showers. Interestingly, these are places you would bring a nice gift and in a sense, it's a nice way of asking you to bring a gift. Any one else see this breach in etiquitte and hate it? Or do you think I am off base?