Monday, April 20, 2009

Vitamin D overdose

We've had 5 warm sunny days in a row and I think we are all suffering. It was above 70 today and Finn was even running around with no shirt on. Our neighbor filled up their pool, but the fascination was short lived because I wouldn't agree to fill buckets with warm water and haul down to them. We were outside at 9:00 to go to the bus and the boys didn't come inside until (forced) at 4:00. Quincy had a little nap in the stroller at 9:30 while I was walking, and Paxton fell asleep while watching tv. I'm that mom: I made everyone come in to watch tv because they had too much sun. It's 7:30 and still light out, but we've all eaten, the boys bathed and are in bed.

Yes, I know you can't OD on sun, but when the grumpies came out, it seemed easiest to blame the sun.

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