Monday, April 13, 2009

So many pictures, so much to share

Okay, here is a quick review of our trip.

We left and went to see Wicked in Portland and it was fantastic. My brother Jacob came to Portland and stayed in the hotel while my parents, Alvin and I went to see it. Stayed in a really cool hotel by the airport with a pool, elevators with floors that moved (pictured here) and 42 inch tvs which were perfect for the kid that wouldn't go to sleep at midnight and kept asking to go home (gonna be a long trip, right?). We also hit voodoo donuts and had a maple bacon bar and it was good!
We drove all day Sunday, and hit snow before dark in Idaho. We arrived at Alvin's brothers house after midnight and that kid quit asking to go to his house. We spent the next few days seeing my friends and their kids: Mary, Kim, Gloria, Shannon and a few with out kids: Chris and Amy. Met Amy's fiancee. We played at Jungle Jims with Mary, Morgan and Kimball and since I had paid $8 per kid, I made a whole day out of it. I arranged to meet Amy there, and I think she and Bob still had a good time, playing with my kids. (Q figured out how to cheat and climbed into the game to get the balls. By 6, the kids were sick of amusement park rides and had a great time celebrating Taylors 16th Birthday. The next day we headed to Kims fantastic house, I got to talk with Kim and Gloria, while my boys played with theirs.
Can't remember when we did things like, go to Cabelas (our one outing with Alvin) Play with Sarah's boys (the only one who understand what I go through becuase she has boys exactly the same age as mine--twins too). Swam in Uncle Eric's pool, went to dinner with grandma, played with cousins and their kids, Visited old neighbors, got my haircut (by a neighbor who I loved visiting with and hopes she can come to visit us soon). We loved playing Wii and with the dogs at Shannons,

Almost 2 weeks after we left, we headed for home. On the drive home, (alvin in a rental truck and I with the kids) we stopped at the Salt Flats and hit 5 states in on the road home.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Ben is trying to figure out how Q managed to climb into the ball machine...great! Now he's going to try it next time we're at one of those places!