Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Boys

I was looking for a picture for Brooke because she said it would be nice to strap the twins in to bed and keep them there all night. When I was pregnant with the twins, Finn was 3. He kept trying not to take naps and was a horrible grump with out I brought our extra car seat in the house and would strap him into the car seat at nap time. It worked great, but I felt horrible doing it, so when he was finally asleep, I would unbuckle him and put him into his bed. I told my doctor that I did this and he told me I should just try benadryl.

While searching for a picture of this, (I don't have any) I came across these. Had to share, because I miss this stage.

(I've tried 4 times to upload photos and it won't work)

BTW, sleeping is going well. 3 nights with out getting out of their rooms. And I am sleeping fairly well on the mattress!

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  1. OMGosh! I am so excited that you commented on my blog, because now I found yours! :) It's great to see pics of your boys. I CAN'T BELIEVE how big Finn is, and your twins are totally adorable!