Monday, April 27, 2009

I give up!

I think that being a 2 year old twin has got to be hard, but I'm gonna guess that it's harder to be the mother to 2 year old twin boys.

We've had 2 days where the boys went to bed late and they are grumpy as can be. Couple that with Finn going to bed late and you've got our house. Our poor downstairs neighbors have to live with the racket of my boys jumping and screaming and me yelling at them (it's the only way I can get their attention). And it's now 7:30, everyone is in bed and I have a moment of quiet.

I decided a few days ago that Finn needed to have his room to himself (really, so he can pick up his own messes) and that meant Quincy had to move back to Paxtons room. He's resisting. And both boys have been waking up in the middle of the night and coming into our room, interferring with my sleep and it has to stop. So for the next few weeks, I have resigned myself to sleeping on the boys bedroom floor. This is a task I would love to hand over to Alvin, but he can't do it. He doesn't wake up easily, and the boys would either walk over him to get to me, or would climb in next to him: defeating the purpose of sleeping close to them, but not with them. My hope is that I can quietly get them back to sleep over the next few nights, and gradually move further towards and finally out the door.

Okay, someone is thinking I am crazy. Why not do what super nanny says...put them back in their bed each time they get out. (Sarah, I know this isn't you) We tried that, and the one that got out of bed would scream and wake up the other. Finn always sleeps through the noise! And if worst comes to worst, I can just lock them together in their room.

Wish me luck. I need all the luck I can get. (And I know now that this 2 year old phase has been a hell of a lot harder than the very tiring newborn phase...with a ton more bandaids)


  1. It's too bad they don't make some sort of car seat-style bed for 2-year olds. Wouldn't it be nice to just buckle them in for the night? At least you'd know that they were safe & secure. It probably wouldn't be very pleasant for the downstairs neighbors, though. (Hmmm . . . now that it's getting warmer, maybe you could sleep them in their car seats in the car? Although I don't think that's legal.) :-P

  2. They will eventually pass out, but the issue is getting them to stay in once place and keep quiet. But, they are two. They will probably struggle with this until they go to school. I hate to say that, but my kids did not nap after eighteen months of age and they still do not go to bed at night . . . never really did that well. So, what did I do? At a certain age, they understand "be quiet, time for bed, you say in your room and do quiet things and when you are sleepy, get in your bed; no food, no drinks." It's a repeat repeat repeat . . . pretty soon, you're kids will be teenagers and that line will still pop out of you now and again like a reflex!

    I feel for you. I nap very rarely. Yesterday I tried, but R came in and asked, "MOM?" a few times . . . I don't know why I bother to try to nap! :) It won't end really, then, until they all move out.