Tuesday, April 14, 2009

6th folder, 6th picture.

Kendra and Jenny tagged me with this:

1) go to your 6th folder
2) go to your 6th picture (no cheating!)
3) blog about it
4) tag 6 people
So here's my 6th picture on my 6th folder (in the 6th folder) . Wonder how many of the pictures of the people that do this are taken in June?

This was 2 summers ago, my brother in law, and his kids and Finn edging the pickleball court at my parents house (don't know what pickleball is...you must not be from the northwest. It's a combination of tennis and ping pong, or something like that.) This seems to be a job that always falls on brother in law and he recruited the kids to help. Coincidentally, his family was here this past week and I noticed that the job had been done again.

So I tag 6 people to do the same: Mary, Trish, Gloria, Jeanette, Patti and Kim.

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