Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What makes a guy want to be a plumber?

Sunday our main excitement came from our toilet. Excitement doesn't mean good does it?
Alvin has told me many times that as a little kid, he flushed the baby Jesus from his families nativity down the toilet. I would love to hear his moms version of the story. But Sunday, I heard more about it...and am surpried that Alvin remembers it so well.

Paxton has a fascination with water. He wants to play in puddles, buckets, cups, glasses, the sink, the tub and the toilet. I have caught him many times playing in the toilet, filling it full of toilet paper, but it wasn't a true problem until he figured out how to flush (recent attempts to potty train). The other day, he tossed a box in and flushed. The it was a shark from the bath tub, and stickers and shampoo bottles. Oh, we have a lock on the bathroom door: one of those plastic handles, because Finn has to be able to get in himself and a hook and eye at the top and they work to keep the little ones out....only if you close the door.

So Sunday, I go into the bathroom and there is Paxton and I can hear the toilet filling back up and he has a wet lego in his hand. I shoo him out, do my biz and everything is fine. 20 minutes later Finn starts hollering from the bathroom and everything is not fine. We plunge, and plunge and plunge. We waited until the boys went to bed and got a metal hanger from the neighbors and Alvin fished around in there (said he remembered his dad doing this to get out the baby Jesus) and he made me watch...but I don't understand why. We took the toilet off and at the floor we found the yellow yield sign. But that didn't seem like enough to stop water flow, so more "digging" backwards and we find a zebra (covered in tp and other things).

Alvin and I were both disgusted, but grateful that Alvin didn't have to call a plumber. Would a "professional" gag like we were? I change a lot of diapers, but I don't think I could get paid enough to deal with other people stuff. Of course I ran the toys through the dishwasher, but I was a little disturbed to see Paxton eat his yogurt this morning with the zebras legs.


  1. Love it! What I really want to know is who would want to be a septic tank pumper?! We had a back up about a year ago, and the guy who came to check it out stuck his whole arm down the hole in the septic tank to fish out the screen, no protective covering on him or anything! With a nearly toothless smile, he said "I got my Hepatitis shot, I ain't worried."

  2. This story is funny alone, but I have to say, Jenny just made my day!!

  3. Hepatitis is the least of my's the smell that bothers me. And do you really want to breathe through your mouth? You put food in there.