Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I've been angry many things going wrong and the kids not helping matters.

Doesn't help either when only Alvin eats what I make for dinner and the kids cry for something to eat while falling asleep and wake up asking for food. I am not a mother who makes something else for the kids when they don't want what we are eating...I put 3 things on the table and if they choose to eat 10 servings of only one thing, so be it. Tonight I made roast...who won't eat roast? Apparently when you cook it with tomatoes, none of my kids will. As the timer rang, indicating bedtime, all 3 boys hopped up to the table and ate broccoli (one even licked the ranch dressing off his plate).

So, in this "angry" period, I reaquainted myself with an old I figured how to load it onto my I-pod and turned it up loud. At first, I wanted music to feed my mood...but could only think of the Indigo girls. Listening to that makes me want to clean. I "surfed" around the songs I put in and listened to" Cowboy take me away," Abba Gold (which kids think they should listen to) and finally found myself singing along, loudly, to Nanci Griffith.

I put one ear phone in my ear and keep the other ear "open" to hear screaming, and for some reason "she" calmed me down. If you have to give her a genre, it's folk, but she is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter with the voice that soothes. I have, probably, 6 of her 20 albums and I can't wait to put them on the ipod too.

So, my question to you is who to you listen to when you are in "THAT" mood? Who is it when you are angry, when you are happy, when you are sad...and do you have a copy of "I'm too sexy" that I can borrow.

Don't worry, I am working on putting my 80's collection on my ipod (and thinking of getting rid of music that reminds me of exes.


  1. I do have the right said fred "I'm too sexy" on my ipod yo can come over & download it whenever you'd like :)

  2. I'm not much of a music listener because I prefer (long for, crave) peace and quiet. So my music collection is pretty pathetic. But here's what I listen to:

    For exercising: Daughtery
    When angry/frustrated: soundtrack to 1776 (I feel like I can relate to the angst of John Adams)
    When sad: Best of James Taylor
    When happy: Grammar Girl podcast (not music, but it's on my ipod)

  3. I LOVE HER! GOOD CHOICE! Hey...does Finn want to play tball this year? We're coaching the Mariners. :) He has to be 5 by 4/30

  4. hmm I'd have to add to the best of James Taylor nomination, except I don't listen to it when I'm sad, just when I'm homesick (dad was a big JT fan). But when it comes to something to calm me down Alison Krauss is the winner.

  5. Well, you know me: I listen to it all. Unfortunately, I haven't any kind of "pod" to listen with . . . so it's in the van or on the player in the house. Maybe this year - my 40th! - I might get one. I guess I'll ask my parents.