Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shopping with the twins!

Okay, it can't really be done. I went to the store (W) today to kill some time with the twins in the stroller and it wasn't a pleasant experience. First, you can't buy too much because it doesn't fit in the stroller. Second, the twins were not so good. Fortunately, I had called my friend Jen and she and her daughter met us there and she helped me laugh at the situation. Yes, it was so bad, I was either going to laugh or cry...and you know what? There was not one person that looked at me badly, and many more offered words of encouragement. Then Quincy fell asleep! THANKS JEN!!!


  1. When I see a mum struggling in the store, I always chat with her and the kid(s) to ease it up a bit. Everyone has been there - well, most have. People have got to be more understanding - and instead of muttering what a pain to have to listen to that kid, they should try and remedy it by reassuring the mum and trying to make the kid smile. The other day I was at the commissary doing my big haul and there was a mum with two smaller boys and they stood in the trolley and one would chirp "Beeeuuup" constantly - it was LOUD and it could have been annoying, except, he was having fun and so what? Some of the older people in the store - I reckon it made their day as they were beaming with their own memories. Much like I do: mine aren't little any more - those two boys were incredibly happy and mum was starting to get a wee bit frazzled. EVery time I encountered them I would smile and thank them for making my shopping experience so happy! I'm glad Jen was there for you.

  2. *mwah*

    we had fun! Laughter IS the best medicine right!?!?!? We'll have to do it again sometime :)