Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Today makes me miss my Utah family. Remember getting together for corned beef and cabbage, Amy, Shannon and girls, and Chris? I still haven't perfected my corned beef, but I am going to try again today, and hopefully have left overs for Reuben sandwiches tomorrow...I bought all the stuff today.
The little leprechauns in our house have been active. Aren't they just little Irish boys dressed in green that create mischeif? (I posted their photos above, and thanks to grandma, they have green to wear today.) For some reason, we are at a really whiny stage and I am not handling it as well as I could. Our poor neighbors have to hear a lot of screaming, because I won't give into their demands and then there is my screaming because I can't get them to do anything or they do things they shouldn't do. This morning, there was screaming becuase both boys wanted the dog shirt. We've been trying to take away the pacifier, but I keep giving it back, because it makes the house a little quieter.
It's beautiful and sunny today, and a little cold, but we had snow on Sunday. Hopefully that is the last of it for the year (or else I am going to have to go buy a SAD light.

Update: I am getting better at corned beef and cabbage. Today, I kept the crockpot in the cabinet and used my favorite dutch oven. Didn't start cooking it until 2:00 and simmered it for 3 hours. Added potatoes and carrots, took out the meat 20 minutes later, and added cabbage. By the time the meat was sliced (thinly...how I like it, perfect for tomorrows reubens) the cabbage was done. Quincy wouldn't eat it, but Pax thought it was beef jerky and ate it up...with the vegetables. Finn just asked me if I would make more carrots and potatoes next time. Alvin is still eating.

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  1. Oh Erika....we miss St Patricks Day with you too! We were going to have a St Paddy's celebration with my neighbor Allison and at the last minute she decided to go to Ireland so we didn't do anything and I thought about how much fun we used to have. we miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you when you come out here.