Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alvin won't let me Super Glue this!

As you have probably figured out, we have loads of minor emergencies at our house and more often than not, they involve blood from mouths or noses. Tonight we had another one. Quincy was trying to get up to his chair at the table, his foot slippped and he bit his tongue. Alvin wanted to take him to the ER and my parents aren't home tonight, so I am posting this for Jen, who agreed to watch the other 2. Quincy is a little embarrassed to share it with you. Alvin called a client who is an ER Doc, and was informed that they probably wouldn't stitch it up, so we didn't go. Quincy said he is fine and didn't want to go.

Thursday night was Finn's concert. All 4 of the kindergarten classes sang and they sang: Cum Ba Ya, Animal Fair, Octopuses Garden, John the Rabbit, Baby Beluga, The Squirrel, Kuckaburra, We Shall Over Come. I was impressed because they remembered all the words. I'll admit that I was a little "concerned" that this would be corny, because the last choir concert I went to was when I was younger. I was the proud mamma, beaming and waving at my youngin'. Lastly, the boys and I were quite a site waiting for the bus to drop Finn off last week...I wonder what some people must think of me. Paxton had dropped a 2 liter jug of juice and broke the lid, spilling juice all over the kitchen. I was so busy cleaning up the sticky mess, that I wasn't prepared when bus time came. Instead of finding their cast off pants (every day, they take them off with in an hour of putting them on) I threw on their coats and boots and rushed down the driveway. One car actually slowed down, enough to cause other cars to honk and gazed at them. I hope they don't think we get to go "naked" all the time.


  1. Well...I've seen that accident before. Tanner was probably two or three when she bit all the way through her tongue and I took her to the ER and they pretty much told me there was nothing they would do for her. Apparently tongues heal quickly. If I recall correctly, by the end of the day she was eating cheetos, so I figured it must not hurt too much. LOL! We can't wait to see you guys!

    Love you
    Shannon, Taylor and Tanner

  2. That picture of the boys in their boots and jackets is hilarious! I'm so glad that Finn's concert was not stinky! Um, I'm not sure that superglue is okay for tongues either. Shane probably would have tried it though.