Saturday, March 28, 2009


Not sure why I am's going to be a lot of work, but I haven't been back to Utah for 3 years. And I haven't done much by way of vacationing in as many years (a night away twice and a week at the lake) and we deserve this.

The house was clean last night, but today it's a different story. I popped popcorn for our short trip to Portland today (Alvin and I are going to see Wicked) and the boys got into it for's all over. At least I know it was clean.

I should be concerned about publicly stating we are leaving our house, but we have downstairs neighbors and my parents are right next door. If for some reason this gives you any ideas...we have nothing valuable. I took my jewelry (getting it cleaned at the jeweler that made it) and the tv in back is broken.

If you need to get in touch, my cell is 206-599-9247 and if you are in Utah, call me to get together.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Sick

If you are my facebook friend, you already know this. It's my sinuses, and I want to know if it's possible to be fine one day and have a sinus infection the next. Medicine isn't unclogging me either, but I took 2 benadryls last night and got some sleep...sleep is good.

So my sweet little boy comes up to me yesterday and says, "Mom, I feel bad for you when you are sick, because..." Come on, you know what he is going to say: he's going to comment that I never get a rest and I still have work to do, and then he is going to offer to do some task for me. He continues " look terrible."

I've posted the above picture of the boys in thier Easter suits. Some one is thinking, why do they have easter suits. Simple answer is that my parents bought them for the boys (Not really my style). Of course my mom said it was so the boys could go to church with them...and who do you suppose is going to iron them each week?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alvin won't let me Super Glue this!

As you have probably figured out, we have loads of minor emergencies at our house and more often than not, they involve blood from mouths or noses. Tonight we had another one. Quincy was trying to get up to his chair at the table, his foot slippped and he bit his tongue. Alvin wanted to take him to the ER and my parents aren't home tonight, so I am posting this for Jen, who agreed to watch the other 2. Quincy is a little embarrassed to share it with you. Alvin called a client who is an ER Doc, and was informed that they probably wouldn't stitch it up, so we didn't go. Quincy said he is fine and didn't want to go.

Thursday night was Finn's concert. All 4 of the kindergarten classes sang and they sang: Cum Ba Ya, Animal Fair, Octopuses Garden, John the Rabbit, Baby Beluga, The Squirrel, Kuckaburra, We Shall Over Come. I was impressed because they remembered all the words. I'll admit that I was a little "concerned" that this would be corny, because the last choir concert I went to was when I was younger. I was the proud mamma, beaming and waving at my youngin'. Lastly, the boys and I were quite a site waiting for the bus to drop Finn off last week...I wonder what some people must think of me. Paxton had dropped a 2 liter jug of juice and broke the lid, spilling juice all over the kitchen. I was so busy cleaning up the sticky mess, that I wasn't prepared when bus time came. Instead of finding their cast off pants (every day, they take them off with in an hour of putting them on) I threw on their coats and boots and rushed down the driveway. One car actually slowed down, enough to cause other cars to honk and gazed at them. I hope they don't think we get to go "naked" all the time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shopping with the twins!

Okay, it can't really be done. I went to the store (W) today to kill some time with the twins in the stroller and it wasn't a pleasant experience. First, you can't buy too much because it doesn't fit in the stroller. Second, the twins were not so good. Fortunately, I had called my friend Jen and she and her daughter met us there and she helped me laugh at the situation. Yes, it was so bad, I was either going to laugh or cry...and you know what? There was not one person that looked at me badly, and many more offered words of encouragement. Then Quincy fell asleep! THANKS JEN!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Today makes me miss my Utah family. Remember getting together for corned beef and cabbage, Amy, Shannon and girls, and Chris? I still haven't perfected my corned beef, but I am going to try again today, and hopefully have left overs for Reuben sandwiches tomorrow...I bought all the stuff today.
The little leprechauns in our house have been active. Aren't they just little Irish boys dressed in green that create mischeif? (I posted their photos above, and thanks to grandma, they have green to wear today.) For some reason, we are at a really whiny stage and I am not handling it as well as I could. Our poor neighbors have to hear a lot of screaming, because I won't give into their demands and then there is my screaming because I can't get them to do anything or they do things they shouldn't do. This morning, there was screaming becuase both boys wanted the dog shirt. We've been trying to take away the pacifier, but I keep giving it back, because it makes the house a little quieter.
It's beautiful and sunny today, and a little cold, but we had snow on Sunday. Hopefully that is the last of it for the year (or else I am going to have to go buy a SAD light.

Update: I am getting better at corned beef and cabbage. Today, I kept the crockpot in the cabinet and used my favorite dutch oven. Didn't start cooking it until 2:00 and simmered it for 3 hours. Added potatoes and carrots, took out the meat 20 minutes later, and added cabbage. By the time the meat was sliced ( I like it, perfect for tomorrows reubens) the cabbage was done. Quincy wouldn't eat it, but Pax thought it was beef jerky and ate it up...with the vegetables. Finn just asked me if I would make more carrots and potatoes next time. Alvin is still eating.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Earth Day is approaching.

A friends post last week got me thinking about Earth Day. I don't do lent, but I do find that I am willing to give up something that helps the environment and make a lifelong commitment. But I don't know what to give up. Any ideas?

Here are somethings that I have changed already to be more green:

1. No paper products for eating. We use cloth napkins. I just throw them in the wash with what ever I am washing and Finn's chore is to fold them. I use Alvin's old shirts made into rags instead of paper towels (except for blotting bacon grease...and I keep paper towels around, but it takes well over a month to use a roll). No disposable utensils either.

2. We all have water bottles that get used and reused. Several years ago, we purchased a reverse osmosis water filter and it produces water equavalent to Aquafina. I find that I don't even like to take a bottle of water when I am out anymore.

3. We have a HE washing machine...I do a ton of wash and it uses only 13 gallons of wash per load (okay, really, we are on a well and run out of water in the summer, so it's really for that). I'd like a dryer too, but can't afford it now.

4. I clean primarily with baking soda, vinegar and home made cleaners that are green...and I love them. I've even converted friends. I make my own laundry detergent, and it's cheap and green.

5. We grow a garden...last year it fed the deer more than us, but we are going to try again. Hopefully, we will get it ready to plant this weekend (time to plant peas, beets and radishes next week).

6. We drink cold brewed coffee...not because it's green, but because it's delicious, but it doesn't use energy to brew.

I've switched the boys bedroom lights to CFL's but the light bothers me, so I won't put them through out the house. I figured putting them in the boys rooms would cut down on a lot of energy use since they sometimes turn them on in the middle of the night, and they are the lights that get left on when I leave the house (sometimes).

Of course we recycle as much as we can, we feeed our lawn clippings and bread scraps to the cows that live "next door."

So, I am thinking of leaning towards composting (we could feed our scraps to my mom's chicken and "compost" things much faster, but I can't stand going to the chicken coop. I already put coffee grounds into the garden, because I read somewhere that it keeps ants away.

What are you going to do?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I've been angry many things going wrong and the kids not helping matters.

Doesn't help either when only Alvin eats what I make for dinner and the kids cry for something to eat while falling asleep and wake up asking for food. I am not a mother who makes something else for the kids when they don't want what we are eating...I put 3 things on the table and if they choose to eat 10 servings of only one thing, so be it. Tonight I made roast...who won't eat roast? Apparently when you cook it with tomatoes, none of my kids will. As the timer rang, indicating bedtime, all 3 boys hopped up to the table and ate broccoli (one even licked the ranch dressing off his plate).

So, in this "angry" period, I reaquainted myself with an old I figured how to load it onto my I-pod and turned it up loud. At first, I wanted music to feed my mood...but could only think of the Indigo girls. Listening to that makes me want to clean. I "surfed" around the songs I put in and listened to" Cowboy take me away," Abba Gold (which kids think they should listen to) and finally found myself singing along, loudly, to Nanci Griffith.

I put one ear phone in my ear and keep the other ear "open" to hear screaming, and for some reason "she" calmed me down. If you have to give her a genre, it's folk, but she is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter with the voice that soothes. I have, probably, 6 of her 20 albums and I can't wait to put them on the ipod too.

So, my question to you is who to you listen to when you are in "THAT" mood? Who is it when you are angry, when you are happy, when you are sad...and do you have a copy of "I'm too sexy" that I can borrow.

Don't worry, I am working on putting my 80's collection on my ipod (and thinking of getting rid of music that reminds me of exes.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Locked In, Locked Up & Locked Down

This is the reality of living with 2 - two years olds. Quincy can open the deadbolt so we have to lock the "top lock" all the time. That means when you come to our house, it sounds like we are paranoid and over secure as we unlock the door.

Both boys can open the fridge, but Paxton has this new fascination with the freezer and likes to open it and stare. Since yogurt was on sale, we have a ton of it and they open the fridge at least 5 times a day and ask me to open a yogurt.

Quincy has been caught with scissors on the kitchen floor and Paxton was caught with a knife, trying to cut bread on the counter. I don't want a knive block on the counter, so it looks like I am going to have to put a kiddy lock on the knife drawer.

The other day and Paxton climbed on the bar and onto the kitchen counter to get a treat and while he was climbing he caught a bread knife with his toe (It was out of reach, but I will now have to be more careful). Superglue to the rescue.

Quincy was jumping in the bath last week and whacked his nose on the tub on the way down. It's been a bloody week.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Utah Friends: Mark your calendars

Looks like we are going to Utah. Alvin is going to do some work and I am taking the kids so I don't have to be alone with them here...and I get to see my friends and introduce them to my boys. We are thinking of leaving on the 30th of March and staying at least through the weekend. We'd love to see you. Please let me know if you are going to be around that week.

What makes a guy want to be a plumber?

Sunday our main excitement came from our toilet. Excitement doesn't mean good does it?
Alvin has told me many times that as a little kid, he flushed the baby Jesus from his families nativity down the toilet. I would love to hear his moms version of the story. But Sunday, I heard more about it...and am surpried that Alvin remembers it so well.

Paxton has a fascination with water. He wants to play in puddles, buckets, cups, glasses, the sink, the tub and the toilet. I have caught him many times playing in the toilet, filling it full of toilet paper, but it wasn't a true problem until he figured out how to flush (recent attempts to potty train). The other day, he tossed a box in and flushed. The it was a shark from the bath tub, and stickers and shampoo bottles. Oh, we have a lock on the bathroom door: one of those plastic handles, because Finn has to be able to get in himself and a hook and eye at the top and they work to keep the little ones out....only if you close the door.

So Sunday, I go into the bathroom and there is Paxton and I can hear the toilet filling back up and he has a wet lego in his hand. I shoo him out, do my biz and everything is fine. 20 minutes later Finn starts hollering from the bathroom and everything is not fine. We plunge, and plunge and plunge. We waited until the boys went to bed and got a metal hanger from the neighbors and Alvin fished around in there (said he remembered his dad doing this to get out the baby Jesus) and he made me watch...but I don't understand why. We took the toilet off and at the floor we found the yellow yield sign. But that didn't seem like enough to stop water flow, so more "digging" backwards and we find a zebra (covered in tp and other things).

Alvin and I were both disgusted, but grateful that Alvin didn't have to call a plumber. Would a "professional" gag like we were? I change a lot of diapers, but I don't think I could get paid enough to deal with other people stuff. Of course I ran the toys through the dishwasher, but I was a little disturbed to see Paxton eat his yogurt this morning with the zebras legs.